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Another petrol price increase tonight - Here are 5 fuel savings tips to get you through 2016

by , 31 May 2016
Another petrol price increase tonight - Here are 5 fuel savings tips to get you through 2016
Remember to fill your tank on your way home from work tonight. Due to the weakening and the price increase of petroleum related products on international markets, the price of petrol is increasing at midnight tonight.

The petrol proce will increase by 52 cents a litre and the diesel price will rise by 76 cents tomorrow. As long the rand continues to weaken against the dollar, you can expect the petrol price to continue to increase well into the foreseeable future.

With this in mind, I'd like to share five fuel savings tips to help you overcome the increasing costs of petrol.

5 fuel saving tips you can start using to save your money today

Fuel Saving Tip #1 – Fill your car early in the morning or in the late evening
When you fill your tank during the day, you get a little less fuel than when you fill it up at night. This is because the heat of the day, forces the gas to expand. That’s why when you fill your tank in the morning or late in the evening, you get more fuel for your money.
Fuel Saving Tip #2 – Don’t drive aggressively
Racing from traffic light to traffic light, hard breaking and an excessive use of your clutch can dramatically increase your fuel consumption. So, stick to the speed limit, accelerate slowly and teach yourself to be more patient in traffic, this way you’ll save on your car’s fuel consumption.
Fuel Saving Tip #3 – Keep your car well maintained
Be sure to take your car for regular services. When your oil, petrol and air filters are dirty, it adds strain to your car. Because your car is working harder, you’re using more petrol. By keeping your car regularly maintained, you’ll also save yourself from having to make costly repairs to your car later on.
Fuel Saving Tip #4 – Start a car pool or a lift club
Another way to save money on fuel is to join or start a car pool. You could either charge your friends a small fee or you could take turns using your car and getting a lift to work with your colleagues. By sharing the travel burden you’ll save a lot of money on fuel.
Fuel Saving Tip #5 – Plan your errands carefully
When you’re running errands, plan your journey carefully. Try to make as few stops as possible and avoid driving too far to do things that you can easily do closer to home. By planning your journeys, you reduce time on the road, wear and tear on your car and see a significant reduction in the amount of fuel you use. 

Another petrol price increase tonight - Here are 5 fuel savings tips to get you through 2016
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