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Live the life you want and break the chains of financial slavery

by , 16 August 2016
Live the life you want and break the chains of financial slavery
Fifteen years ago, I didn't think this was possible.

Maybe it was for other people, but certainly not for me...

At the age of 20, I drove a red Golf Chico, earned R5,000 a month, lived in a tiny one bedroom flat in someone's back garden and couldn't afford to take an annual holiday.

Today, my life is totally different. That's because I understand the life changing power of earning, saving and investing my money.

And that's really what I want to show you today, that you can live the life you want and be more financially free.

I know that if you embrace the three money principles I'm about to show you, you can live a life free of financial worry but you need to develop the right mindset, habits and financial practices.

In fact, if you do, you'll be able to make more money every year without earning less ever again.
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Three money management principles to live life on your own terms
Money Management Principle 1 – Don’t spend all your time in planning mode
When I was working my dead-end job, most of the people I spoke to had great plans. The majority of people shared the same goals. In some way or another, they were going to quit their job, start a business and live life on their own terms.
Today, I bet you that none of them have achieved their goals. That’s because they’re still stuck in the planning phase of life. While they were spending all their time planning to quit, planning to start a business and planning to make a change, I went ahead and did it.
And you can too.
If you have a business idea that you want to get started, get started. Don’t wait for the big cash injection that will never come. Get it started in your spare time and start bringing in the extra cash. You might find that business is slow at first but that’s a good thing.
This gives you the opportunity to master your skills, streamline your operation and grow your cash flow slowly and steadily until you have enough in the bank to quit your job and follow your dreams. 
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Money Management Principle 2 – Earn more, spend less and invest more
I know that this is an obvious principle. But if it’s so obvious why are so few people actually doing it? I’m sure you or someone you know is neck-deep in credit card debt. So, why are you still living above your means, spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need?
Remember Money Management Principle 1? Well, don’t spend time planning to pay off your credit cards, bonds and cars. Start doing it. If that means cutting back on entertainment, not buying the latest cars or sacrificing a holiday to get it done, then do it.
Start earning more money by starting that business. Start spending less money by sacrificing luxuries. And as soon as you have a lump sum of cash saved up invest it.
Remember, the financial sacrifices you make today will speed up the journey to achieving your dreams tomorrow!
Money Management Principle 3 – Go for the quick cash first
The best way to make more money is to follow the money you can make quickly. Now, I know that most financial advisors and business people will disagree with me.
But let me explain...
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When I realised how easy it was to make and sell biltong, I stared a biltong business. Once the money started coming in, I had enough funds to turn my attention to the bigger opportunities. I still do this today.
Of course, I’m not saying that you should fall for get-rich-quick schemes. But if a opportunity knocks for you to make some money quickly and with minimal effort, take it. That little quick injection of cash injection will bring you closer to achieving your personal financial dreams.
These three money management principles can change your life for the better forever.
The time to step onto the road to wealth is always right now. Not next month or next week. Not after you’ve finished some current project. The time is right now.
Take action today.
Let’s build your wealth together,

Aiden Sookdin
Contributing Editor, Real Wealth

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Live the life you want and break the chains of financial slavery
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