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Your old junk could be worth a fortune!

by , 01 August 2013

Over the years, Mike had accumulated numerous boxes of stuff, which were stored in his garage.
One day he decided he needed to do a bit of spring cleaning. As he was going through the boxes, he came across one which had...
“Dear Mike, use this wisely… love gran”, written on it. With slight confusion, Mike never really understood what this meant. However, he was eager to find out what ‘treasure' his gran left him. He placed his hand inside and felt an item covered in newspaper. When he pulled it out, he realised it was a glass jug, which looked very old. He felt somewhat disappointed because he expected more than a plain old jug. But while he was holding it, he wandered if it was worth anything. His gran told him to use it wisely, so it must be worth something. Long story short, the next day, an antique dealer offered R4500 for the jug… Today, I'm going to show you how you can profit in the same way Mike did, by finding and selling things that could already be in your home - but you thought they were junk…

You could have things in your house worth a small fortune

I’m sure by now; you’re probably thinking about possible valuable items that reside in your house. 

You might have tons of stuff hoarding in your house, accumulating in every room. 

However, some of this junk could actually be valuable antiques, without you even knowing it.  

There are antique dealers waiting for customers like you to value what you thought was junk and in return they can offer you a handsome return for it.

So to make sure you find the valuable antiques in your pile of useless artefacts I spoke to a number of antique dealers and all of them agree that, you need to follow this three point check-list:

My three point checklist to help you profit from selling your antiques successfully 

1. Make sure it’s in top shape, so you can get an excellent return

If you've found something that you think could be an antique, make sure it is in mint condition. This means you must make sure it doesn’t have any cracks, fractures and chips. 
It mustn’t have missing pieces or parts. I’m sure you would agree, an entire chess set is worth a lot more than just four pawn pieces. 
The better condition and quality the item is in, the more value you’ll get out of it. 
2. By simply knowing what it is, you could negotiate your price

The trick here is to know what you’re dealing with. So by researching your items, you could know its potential worth. 
This is what Mike did.
He started researching the prices of cut-glass goods. He noticed that they are rare to find, and is worth a lot more than normal glasses in general. 
He was able to negotiate a price, when he went to the antique dealer. As He knew the price ranges of cut-glass goods, from his research. 
In the end, he got a lot more than he bargained for. 
Once you’ve ticked off the two main points in the check list, you’ll now be able to determine if it has value or not.
3. The rarer your antique is, the more you’ll profit

The definition of an antique is anything older than 100 years. But this definition is far too simple to fully define and explain what it actually is. 
If you have items in your house which you know are rare and could have value, don’t hesitate to call your local dealer to have it valued. 
You never know when you’ll strike it lucky and end up profiting from it.


You're on the shortlist

Every tip… Every secret… Every technique I’ve learnt to pick winning shares.

They’re all yours. 

Are you in?
Your antique dealer can even tell you whether an item has value, while you’re at home
If you think an item in your house is an antique and has value, you don’t have to leave your house to find out if you’re right.
Simply take a photo of your item and send it to your antique dealer. He’ll tell you whether you should bring it in for a full valuation or not. 
If he sees value in your item, then you're well on your way to making money... Just make sure your antique is clean and flawless. 
This should raise the value of the antique, compared to it looking old and dusty...
Remember, the dealers are always passionate and enthusiastic to share their knowledge with you about antiques. And so they encourage you to bring as many items that you may feel holds any sort of value. 
You never know, you could be walking out of the dealer shop with more money than you ever imagined.
P.S There is an antiques fair coming up on the 27th-29th September at Wanderers, where you can meet the dealers and learn about the art of making money in antiques. If this has sparked your interest on making money in new and innovative ways, Click Here

Your old junk could be worth a fortune!
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