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Happy New Year! Here are three easy resolutions to make your 2017 a profitable one!

by , 22 September 2017
Happy New Year!  Here are three easy resolutions to make your 2017 a profitable one!
Let's start your year on a profitable note.

I'm sure you hear how many people make resolutions when their year starts.

I want to lose 10 kilograms
I'm going on a lifestyle-change diet
I'm going to save 1/3 of my money this year

These are all great, but let's be honest. Most resolutions last around two months' tops, and then all is given up.

I need you to make realistic and achievable resolutions. Especially when it comes to your trading. Here are my top three for you to follow with Trading Tips in 2017.

Trading Resolution #1: Save 15 minutes a day to find profitable trades

I understand you have a full time job.
But I also know that you spend at least half an hour a day watching your favourite programme or watering your garden.
I just ask for 15 minutes of your time a day to help you become a more profitable trader.
So cut out some TV time, go to bed just 15 minutes later or find 15 minutes during your break at work. I know you have 15 minutes out of a 1,440 minutes’ day.
During those 15 minutes, you’ll have time to analyse the market and look for high probability trades.
Over the next few days, I’m going to show you how to use your saved 15 minutes a day to find profitable and high probability trades.
You need to make sure you read Trading Tips every day, so you’re up to date to trading profitably. 

Trading resolution #2: Save R500 a month to help grow your trading portfolio

The most important aspect to save money with trading is this.
You need to calculate how much money you can afford to set aside when you trade.
Whether it’s R500 a month or even R1,000, it will do.
Think about it. All you need to do is drop one pizza meal with the family, and you would have saved your R500 to eventually grow exponentially.
And after six months, you’ll have saved R3,000 which you’ll be able to grow instead of just waste away.
Ideally with your 15 minutes a day to trade, you’ll be able to use your “saved pizza money” to find those profitable trades which you’ll be able to accelerate your trading success.
And while you’re saving just 15 minutes a day, I’m going to show you how to use your monthly R500 monthly deposit to start trading profitably. 

Trading resolution #3: Watch a daily trading video to boost your skills

If you don’t feel like reading a trading article after a long day at work, I understand.
Once a day you can go to Trading Tips Television. This is where you can learn to trade by just watching our trading videos.
To fast-track your trading success, I recommend you watch two of my popular trading videos.
Trading video #1: Welcome to Trading Tips TV.
And if you have any questions along the way of watching your daily video, I’m always here to help answer them.
Go to InvestorsClub.co.za, where you can ask me any trading question you have.
Three easy resolutions to get your 2017 year going strong!
So there we have it. Save 15 minutes of your time day, save just R500 (pizza money) a month and watch a trading video once a day.
And so, I look forward to having you on board the Trading Tips journey for 2017.
It’s my passion and privilege to help show you how easy trading can be for you and your family’s future.
Always remember, 
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos
P.S: with the new year in sight, I already see hot CFD trades lining up. Click here to find out what they are.


Happy New Year! Here are three easy resolutions to make your 2017 a profitable one!
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