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The best times of day to trade forex

by , 25 August 2015

Forex trading involves trading the world's currencies.

By trading currency pairs, you can profit from the rise in value of one currency against the fall in value of another one.

The forex market starts trading very early on a Monday morning and trades straight through until late on a Friday evening.

With the forex market trading 24 hours a day, five days a week, are there optimum times to trade?

Let's take a look…

When to trade forex

You can trade forex any time of day or night during the week. But there are times when liquidity, activity and volume are higher, and these can present the best times to trade forex.

The forex market is a continuous relay of one market opening and another one closing around the world. This happens every Monday to Friday.

New Zealand kicks off trading, then Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe and the US.

The UK and the US are without a doubt the most important forex markets. Transactions here make up more than half of the forex market’s activity.

The major forex markets are London and New York, closely followed by Tokyo.

When the US market opens, this is when the majority of trading takes place as the European market is still trading.

When forex trading is at its highest levels

From this, the two important times to focus on for optimum forex trading are:

  • When Tokyo and London’s markets overlap (between 9am and 10am South African time);
  • And when London and New York’s markets overlap (between 3pm and 7pm South African time).

At these times, there’s a large increase in liquidity. You’ll also see the biggest moves when the London and New York markets are both open at the same time.

If you’re looking for the best times to trade forex, concentrate on the times when these three market markets overlap. But there are always opportunities to trade forex as it is a very liquid market.

So there you have it. The best times of day to trade forex.

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The best times of day to trade forex
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