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Can you turn R30, 000 into R60,000 in one month trading Forex?

by , 01 September 2016
Can you turn R30, 000 into R60,000 in one month trading Forex?
Back in 2003, I had such ridiculous expectations when I first started out trading.

I thought I could turn R30,000 into R60, 000 rand in just one month. I was at a stage in my life where ego controlled my trading decisions.

Because I had this incredible power to trade on the stock market, I felt like a trading emperor.

I imagined I never had to work another day in my life!

But in the first two years, I lost 80% of my R30,000. It got to the point where I felt like a complete and utter failure of a trader.

Until my mentor introduced me to a solid trading game-plan.

Keep on reading below to find out what he believes…
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Every trader should have a game-plan to help guide them to their riches

Having a financial game-plan goal will help guide you through your trading performance.
You’ll need it to see if you’re on the path to being a successful trader. You’ll also see if you have a sustainable winning and profitable system.
You see, every sport needs a game plan before they play.
If the game doesn’t go according to plan, they’ll simply change it.
Well the same goes with trading.
When you start out trading and you have your winning system and psychology in play.
You’ll then need that trading game-plan.
It will give you an idea of what your trading performance will be each year.
If you’re not achieving your game plan, then you’ll need to tweak it or find out where it’s not working for you.
This is a great foundation to help make your trading more successful than ever imagined!
As your winning system evolves, so should your expectations when trading.
But let’s be honest, you do need to have realistic expectations of results when you trade or else, you can end up with a string of disappointments.
You don’t see the coaches of soccer teams expecting their players to shoot 100 goals in one game, do you?
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So how do you find your winning trading game plan?

If you’re not sure what I mean, look at the game-plan I use every year.
This will give you an idea of how your trading performance will be.
Your trading game-plan you’ll follow year in and year out!

Let me help you develop your trading game-plan, so you can start out on a more successful note than I did!!

You’ll find this game-plan will bring a revolutionary change to your trading performance.
But to explain how it all works, you’ll need to click here so I can show you in more detail. Click here to claim your profitable trading game-plan.
Always keep in mind,
 “Wisdom Yields Wealth”

Timon Rossolimos
Chief Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader
P.S. Any and all of your Forex questions are welcome when you join me at the Forex 101 Workshop. I’ll be in Johannesburg on Saturday the 10th of September and Saturday in Durban on the 17th of September 2016. Book your seat now as places are running out.

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Can you turn R30, 000 into R60,000 in one month trading Forex?
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