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Forex Q&A of the Week

by , 22 September 2017
Forex Q&A of the Week
We haven't had many questions from you this week.

I assume it's because you know what you're doing or you're just making too much money trading.

Either way it's a good thing.

This means, our Q and A session for the week will be short and sugary.

However, I've written a brand new Forex 101 Report which I think you'll find helpful with your trading.

Feel free to go through the Q&A for the week and then claim your free Forex 101 Report at the end.

What order type do you use when you trade?

With trading CFD’s
When placing orders, following your Red Hot Storm Trader tips to trade CFD’s I also need to choose the “Type of Order”
What should I choose and why?
I do not find any information on this anywhere
Hope you can advise.
Answer by Timon Rossolimos:
You get mainly two order types when you trade.
The market order will get you in at whatever price the market is trading at.
Whereas the limit order, will put in an order in the market with a specific price.
With Red Hot Storm Trader, the limit order is correct...
This will limit the price that you will get into your trade.
And because I give a SPECIFIC level when sending out a trade, the limit order is correct.

To buy the Forex Profit Box or attend an event?

I am going to subscribe to Timon's Forex Profit Box at the end of this month.
Is it necessary to still attend his Forex workshops as well?
Answer by Timon Rossolimos:
It's an either or situation...
I would say if you enjoy learning to trade Forex by yourself then the Forex Profit Box is a good purchase.
However, if you'd like to learn first-hand with live examples and application then the Advanced Forex Seminar would be better.

Your brand new Forex 101 Report is ready to download

Is there an updated beginner Forex guide that I can get started with?
I’m new and not too sure what Forex even is. 
Answer by Timon Rossolimos:
Funny you ask… I’ve just finished writing my new Forex 101 report this week. 
It’s called “Forex 101 Your Complete Guide To Become A Successful Forex Trader”
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos

Forex Q&A of the Week
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