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How to pick the best times to trade forex

by , 11 November 2015

One of the advantages of trading the forex market is that it's open 24 hours a day, five days a week. This means that apart from a short time over the weekend, you can trade this market.

From first thing on a Monday morning, the forex market starts trading in the east. As the day goes by markets open and close across the world heading west.

But there are times when the forex market is at its busiest and this means there are optimum times to trade.

Let's take a closer look…

The different forex markets

New Zealand kicks off the week as the first country to start trading forex for the day. Australia, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore then join New Zealand. 
As the day goes on, the Middle East begins trading. As some of these markets start to close for the day, South Africa and the European markets open. Then it’s time for the US market to start trading.
Just as the US is closing up for the day, the market is New Zealand is starting a new trading day again.
This goes on each week on the forex market.

The busiest forex markets

The most transactions take place in the US and the UK forex markets. These two make up more than half of all the forex transactions in the world.
When the UK and the US forex markets overlap is one of the busiest times. Whilst Europe is still trading, 75% of the US’s forex transactions take place.
When these key overlaps occur, this is when the forex market is at its most liquid and these times present you with the best times to trade. For instance, when the European and the US markets are open.
Whilst the forex market always tends to be liquid, the best times to trade can be when key markets are open for business. And this is perhaps when you should consider trading.
So there you have it. How to pick the best times to trade forex.
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How to pick the best times to trade forex
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