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How you can trade Forex anywhere in the world!

by , 15 October 2015

Watch the short video clip below, so you can see how you can trade Forex anywhere in the world.

(If you don’t have time to watch the video, read the transcript below.)

Behind me is the London Eye which is a very big Ferris wheel,  135 metres to be exact.

I’m currently here in Southwark at MoneyWeek headquarters in London. And my trading account, is sitting in Johannesburg, in South Africa.

I guess that’s that the amazing thing about trading really. You can literally trade any market, index, currency pair you like wherever you are.

And because the Forex market is a 24 hour a day, five day a week market. With the different time-zones, you can trade whenever you like.

If you enjoy travelling like I do, here’s how to trade Forex from anywhere in the world.

First you need to open an account with a broker, then you’ll fill in the short forms and documents they’ll ask you to complete.

You’ll then simply deposit the amount of money you want to start trading. The minimum from my experience with competitive brokers starts at around R500, £25 or just $35.

Next you need a trading platform. So what you can do is give your broker a call, and ask him or her to help you open your charting platform. And because they’re generally very friendly, they’ll be happy to walk you through how to use the charting platform.

Whenever you decide to travel, just make sure there is a strong internet connection or Wi-Fi access around the area you’re staying at.

And finally, you’ll obviously need a smartphone, desktop, laptop or even a tablet to trade the markets.

Once you’ve done all that, then click here. I’ve written an essential Forex report for you to get started. It’s free and ready for you to grab it right now. The report is called, “The seven best Forex indicators – All yours!”. Claim it here.

I’d like to tell you more about what you need to trade around the world, but the truth is, there really is nothing more to it.

Until next time,

"Wisdom yields Wealth"

Timon Rossolimos, Head editor Trading Tips in London, England 

Senior Editor:  Trading Tips 
Head AnalystRed Hot Storm Trader
Author:          94 Top Trading Lessons of All Time  

How you can trade Forex anywhere in the world!
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