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Discover the best profit opportunities for 2014 from ten of SA's top investing experts

by , 06 November 2013

On the 19th of October 2013, one hundred like-minded investors attended an exclusive wealth summit at the Michelangelo hotel, which was one of the highlights on the FSP Invest calendar for 2013.

The summit ran from 9 'til 6 and filled the room with lucrative ideas ranging from investment strategies, trading opportunities, investment recommendations, delicious gourmet meals to a heated panel session with all of the FSP Invest editors, local and international guest speakers.

Since the summit took place, we've received emails from investors all over the country who felt that they've missed out big time.

In fact, L.A, was interested in attending but unfortunately lives in Cape Town, which is out of her reach.

"I couldn't attend the FSP Symposium because I live in Cape Town, can you record the event in the future so we can watch it on DVD?"

Now I know a lot of you missed out, but don't worry because we have done just that!

We have recorded the entire conference for you!

We filmed every speech, every idea, and every recommendation just for you to watch at the comfort of your own home!

After all, here are what a few people who attended had to say:
Testimonial, Investment, Investment Strategies, FSP Invest, attendee

If you didn’t join us at the Michelangelo, you still can…

In fact, you can enjoy the lucrative event at your very home on your favourite couch.

So, if you’d like to get in on the action then click here and order the FSP Invest Symposium DVD box set right now!

It could be the best investment you ever make!

Always keep in mind,

“Wisdom Yields Wealth”

PS: If you missed the day, here are a few shots of what this exclusive group of investors experienced at the FSP Invest Symposium…

Warren Jeffrey, FSP Invest, World of opportunities
Warren Jeffrey Head of Trading and Research FSP Invest starting the day off  (The South African Investor)

Warren Jeffrey, Brian Mugabe, FSP Invest
Next Brian Mugabe telling investors some of the juciest profit opportunities Africa has to offer

Timon Rossolimos, FSP Invest, Forex Trader, tradingtips
I then introduced everyone into the world of Forex trading as well as my new FREE e-letter called Trading Tips. 

We'll post free trading articles, videos, audios and tools so sign up by clicking here...


Vunani Private Clients showing potential investors and traders how to open a trading account and how their trading platform works 

This year Vunani was voted Top Broker in the Investors Monthly Stock Broker of the year 2013 People’s Choice Category. Clients ranked them number one based on superior trading platforms, excellent service and strong trading and advisory. 

Jonathan Bachrach, FSP Invest, unconventional Millionaire, Mike Brown

Jonathan Bachrach Editor of Unconventional Millionaire having a riveting conversation about ETFs with Mike Brown

FSP Invest, Michelangelo, profit opportunity, audience
Investors concentrating and writing notes about their next profit opportunity

Jonathan Bachrach, Timon Rossolimos, FSP Invest, Resource and Scarcity report
Jonathan Bachrach, Yael Shirley editor of Resource and Scarcity Report and me enjoying the ambience of the event

Vunani Private Clients, FSP Invest, gourmet, Michelangelo
Enjoying a full course meal in the Vunani Private Clients room

Lindsay Williams, Mike Wills, FSP Invest, Michelangelo
Lindsay Williams and Mike Wills having an in-depth investment discussion about global matters

Chris Hart, FSP Invest, Rand, Michelangelo
Chris hart explaining the current South African economic situation as well as making frightening predictions

Dominic Frisby, Gold, FSP Invest, Michelangelo
Our international guest speaker Dominic Frisby bringing many jokes to the table and talking about what drives the Gold price.

Chris Hart, Dominic Frisby, Francois Joubert, FSP Invest, Michelangelo

Chris Hart, Dominic Frisby and Francois Joubert (Red Hot Penny Share Editor)

Francois Joubert, Dominic Frisby, Timon Rossolimos, Chris Hart, Mike Brown, Mark Weetman
Finally, we ended off the day with a heated panel session as well as a prize giving where attendees won trading accounts with over R1,000 starting capital, solid gold coins and a case of wine from The FSP Wine Club.

So, here’s your chance to get your hands on this master class DVD…

P.S If you'd like to build a winning  strategy which can bank you a hefty monthly gain, click here! 

Timon Rossolimos, Trading Building blocks, Financial Freedom

************************************************************************************************** Editors Note: If you'd like to boost your trading performance, success and learn more top insider tips and tricks Timon has learnt over the last decade then follow him on Twitter @timonr. ***************************************************************************************************

Discover the best profit opportunities for 2014 from ten of SA's top investing experts
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