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Use this magic number to predict where gold is going!

by , 21 November 2013

There is a magic number that only a few people know about.

One which would have called the gold price right six out of seven times over the past six years.

I'm talking about the number 144.

Let me explain...

How the golden number can show you what to do with your gold!
The number 144 has to do with the 144 day moving average. And Dominic Frisby, revealed this secret to the audience at the FSP Symposium recently.
Basically, it’s a line created on a chart showing the average price of gold over the previous 144 days… And because the gold price changes every day, so too will the way this line moves.  
If you’re unsure about how moving averages work, you can take a look at this article written by Timon Rossolimos.
Let me show you how this little known trick can help you predict where gold is going…
Here’s the chart of gold with the 144 day moving average: 

This black line shows the gold price movement since 2008, whereas the red line shows the 144 day moving average. 

As you can see, the red line manages catch the low prices of gold almost every time from 2008 to 2012. So basically, if the two lines ever intersected during this period, you’d simply buy gold because you knew it was about to go up!

But here’s the thing. Now we’ve had a reversal. In fact the complete opposite is happening. And now, the 144 day moving average is catching the gold price at its highs! 

In other words, as things stand, if you see the 144 day moving average intersect with the gold price you should sell your gold because it’s probably at its peak and should drop!

So why does this magic number work and who knows about it?

Not many people know about this number… And quite frankly, no one really knows why it works – only that it does!

Part of the reason why most don’t know about the number is because when people look at moving averages, they generally at the same numbers all the time.

People often look at the common 200, 50, 22 day moving averages. They use these numbers often to spot changes in trends in the year. 

But in order to spot different trends (and potentially have more profitable trades), you should look at different moving average lines. Like the 144 day moving average.

It just goes to show: Next time you want to find a profitable trend, try making use of different moving averages to what everyone else is using!

Thrive in your possibilities,
Jonathan Bachrach

Use this magic number to predict where gold is going!
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