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7 reasons why I look to the South African Investor to build and protect my wealth

by , 06 July 2016
7 reasons why I look to the South African Investor to build and protect my wealth
Investing in South Africa today is proving to be a challenge for even the best investors. We have to deal with constant attacks to our investment capital.

Scam artists, investment fees, taxes, increasing cost of living as well as political decisions both local and internationally all seem to be aligned to do one thing, eat away at the wealth we are trying so hard to build.

The current situation is so sensitive that we don't know who to trust. Politicians are in this game to fill their pockets; financial advisors are more interested in claiming the commissions for the financial products they sell, even if the solution is not right for you.

Joshua Benton, Managing Editor of the South Africa Investor recently said, “The markets are up one day and down the next, the JSE is searching for direction. The financial media is reporting on every bearish investment expert they can get their hands on. Especially mainstream media, they thrive on delivering negative news.”

So what should you be doing with your investments now? Who should you be trusting for your news, information and investment direction? Where should you turn?

Empower yourself with knowledge to start making the right investment decisions

Sure, things are bad right now, but it’s time for you to be looking for opportunities outside of the regular mayhem of the mainstream markets. This is where the real money making opportunities lie. But, to spot these investment opportunities you need to have specialised knowledge and expertise to prosper, especially if you want to thrive in this cut throat environment.

7 reasons why this team of investment experts can help you thrive under any market conditions

There’s a team of investment experts who are passionate about sharing their unique views of the markets every month. These are some of the few intelligent investment experts, helping a select group of VIP investors to reap the benefits of undervalued stocks, legal tax loopholes and global investment opportunities.

1.       An elite international group of investment greats   

Every month in FSPInvest’s flag ship investment publication, The South Africa Investor, delivers readers with quality stock recommendations, top-performing fixed interest investments and opportunities to invest in emerging markets, which could make you a killing.
Joshua Benton is the managing editor of this team of investors. That means he not only researches the topics to discuss in the each issue, he also drives his team to make sure that they deliver on the promise to help you protect and profit with privileged information.
Joshua says, “By diversifying between non-correlated assets, we profit regardless of what happens in the market. So we always have investments going up, even when the market’s going down.”
The South African Investor’s Investment Director, Francois Joubert, leads our team of global financial gurus. He brings to The South African Investor a distinguished career working in the mining industry. He has an in-depth knowledge of commodities and learned how to identify the best investment opportunities in resources as diverse as gold, uranium, platinum, and much more.
Francois and Joshua work closely with an international team of expert investors.
·         Alexander Green, 20-year Wall Street veteran from one of the world’s most prestigious investment firms. He’s the head of the American chapter of our organisation – The Oxford Club.
·         Renowned economist, Chris Hart, a seasoned veteran of the economic and investment landscape
·         Guy Algeo, a specialist in turnaround management and IT system integration, with over 23 years of experience in the asset management field.
·         European, Asian and Eastern market specialist, Dan Denning.
·         Fund and collective investment expert, Leon Kok, who has over 30 years of financial experience and whose access to the fund manager network is second to none.
·         Winner of the Top Brokers' People's Choice Award, Gary Booysen, is our portfolio manager.
·         Byron King, our international energy specialist, has made it his business to reveal the most rewarding in the energy and oil segments around the world.
·         Plus, many well-known guest contributors and market experts…

2.       They’re constantly finding precise ways to protect your wealth

The only way to truly succeed with investing in hard economic times is to shut out the negativity and focus on finding investments poised for double, even triple digit returns that will deliver long-term value to any portfolio.
The South African Investor makes sure your portfolio is well-protected against any volatility. In fact, protection is one of our key cornerstones. This is why Francois, Joshua and the rest of the team have identified the best defensive stocks that you must add to your investment portfolio.
Bomb-Shelter Share #1 – The market leader in renewable energy
  • The renewable energy pipeline in SA just keeps getting bigger
  • It has a confirmed order book of R4.1 billion with another R12.3 billion of tenders pending…
Bomb-Shelter Share #2 – The largest furniture retailer in Africa and Europe
  • 50 year track record in the industry
  • It has powerful rand hedging from international earnings
Bomb-Shelter-Share #3 – Thrives in any market conditions
  • 128 year track record
  • 5.77% dividend yield
These are called bomb-shelter shares because they add a great level of protection to your investment portfolio. These three bomb-shelter shares in particular are poised to explode with big returns in the next 3-5 years. To find out what these stocks are, take a look at the South African Investor here.
The South African Investor is so much more than an investment research advisory.
It’s a club with many perks and benefits.

3.       Constant VIP interaction between readers and the investing experts

What I like about this group of investors is that they always have your best interests at heart. Joshua and Francois regularly invite their readers to lavish locations like the Balalaika Hotel and the Bryanston Country Club for exclusive meetings.
It is at these gatherings that they reveal inside information on:
·         What the markets are going to next
·         Which investments you must add to your portfolio
·         Most importantly, what investments you need to avoid at all costs
This is an opportunity for you to interact with the best in the industry and get superior investment information first hand. These meetings are voluntary and there’s usually high demand for places because of the top-level investments, stock tips and wealth-building strategies that the experts talk about. These evenings are reserved for no more than 100 of our members each time, just to keep the gatherings intimate and constructive.

4.       Unmatched investment knowledge revealed in simple language

As a member of this exclusive band of South African Investors, you gain access to information usually reserved for the super rich. Now, you can access the best opportunities to increase your wealth – no matter what happens in the markets.
The profit opportunities are divided into two easy to read reports.
·         Profiting in Uncertain Times contains all the details of the bomb-shelter shares that are poised for double- even triple-digit returns in the next three to five years.
·         The Perpetual Income Report shows you how to cash work-free cheques every year directly from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. This is one of the most powerful ways to serious money – With ease.
These two reports alone deliver profit opportunities that most investors will never lay their hands on.

5.       Monthly communiqués revealing the newest investment trends and opportunities

This 12 page monthly newsletter is prepared by the investment experts I introduced to earlier. Not only will you be prepared for the challenges that the market poses, it will also reveal exactly where your money should move in the markets so that you can start profiting from new opportunities before anyone else even knows they exist.
Not only do members have access to the latest issues, you can also access all past issues on their exclusive members only website www.fspconnect.co.za. This is proving to be a great reference check for those who follow the recommendations each month closely.
Best of all, if you have any questions about the content in the monthly communiqués, you can ask your experts directly in www.investorsclub.co.za and get a guaranteed answer. This is the kind of one-on-one recommendation that most investors pay a financial advisor thousands of rands for – absolutely free.

6.       The track record is so reliable, 75% of all picks have been winners

My favourite part of this newsletter is its model portfolio. Its performance is nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before.
For the past 15 years, its guided investors towards some of the most powerful investments we’ve seen in the last decade. Every month, the newsletter reveals the best shares to buy, sell and hold. If you had invested R100,000 in a diversified set of stocks in the JSE All Share in 2003 and never made another move, you would've made about R235,000. A 235% return. Not bad.

However, had you invested that same sum in The South African Investor portfolio, the end result would have been R2.7 million. A 2,700% return.

Here are some of the recent pay-outs:
  • Discovery – 439.63%
  • Mondi – 346.79%
  • PSG Holdings – 132.77%
  • Liberty Holdings – 91.08%
  • Netcare – 65.82%
  • Invicta – 59.69%
Now, I understand that past performance does not dictate future performance, but a 2,700% return is nothing to be snickered at.

7.       Great stock picks combined with profitable wealth building strategies

If you thought that the South African Investor is all about picking stocks, you’d be wrong. Yes, the team focuses on delivering high-yielding income investment, momentum stocks, special precious metal opportunities, undervalued market plays and many more lucrative but safe investments. But that’s not where it stops.
Instead, the team dedicates 100% of their professional time looking for investments and strategies that will actually help you make the most money you can – right now – regardless of what’s going on politically or economically.
As member of this exclusive investment club you’ll also gain access to:
·         Strategies to legally reduce – sometimes completely avoid – tax
·         Retirement tactics that actually work (even if you’re ten years away from retiring and haven’t saved a cent)
·         Warnings and tips on how to safeguard your wealth against coming threats
·         The keys to building wealth not just for you – but for generations to come – from people who’ve actually done it
·         Information on the best places to put your wealth so no one – not the taxman, government or even your ex-spouse – can get their hands on it
I snuck a peek at the next issue of the South African Investor, so far it’s lining up to be favourite issue off the year.

Our top investing experts have something important to tell you right now: 

The recent Brexit conundrum has left too many investors confused about what to do next. We’ve received many questions asking about:
·         The future of the South African economy and how to protect your wealth
·         The impact of Brexit on our investment environment
·         Does it mean that South Africa will definitely slip into a recession?
·         Are there investment opportunities that we should be looking at post Brexit?
We have our local experts including Joshua, Francois, Chris Hart and Gary Booysen looking to answer the answer these pressing questions from South Africa. But we realise that we need an international perspective on this important global economic even too. That’s why we’ve called Dan Denning (from our UK office) to offer his perspective on the Brexit impact in Europe and the trade relationships between Britain and South Africa.
If you’re compelled to find out more, then I would encourage you to go here. Let me remind you why I place my trust in these investors...
  1. An elite international group of investment greats
  2. They’re constantly finding precise ways to protect your wealth 
  3. Constant VIP interaction between readers and the experts 
  4. Unmatched investment knowledge revealed in simple language
  5. Monthly communiqués revealing the newest investment trends and opportunities
  6. The track record is so reliable, 75% of all picks have been winners They’re constantly finding precise ways to protect your wealth 
  7. Great stock picks combined with profitable wealth building strategies 
To find out how you can become a part of this elite group, the good news is, the South African Investor has just started taking new members on board. This doesn’t happen often, only once or twice a year, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to take advantage of the limited time you have left to get into this exclusive investment club.
Let’s build your wealth together,
Aiden Sookdin
Editorial Contributor
The South African Investor 

7 reasons why I look to the South African Investor to build and protect my wealth
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