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An “under-the-radar” stock:

by , 13 April 2022
An “under-the-radar” stock:
One electric vehicle maker is on a mission.

The mission?

To become the creator of the world's most sustainable vehicle!

And, the company is well on course to achieve this...

An EV to rival Tesla's
Fisker (NYSE: FSR) is a US EV manufacturer aiming to develop the world's most sustainable EV on the market - the Ocean SUV.
Some of the sustainable feature include…
Full length solar roof
Recycled carpeting made from abandoned fishing net waste pulled from the oceans.
100% Polycarbonate Polyurethane surfaces and 100% reinforced Rayon backing,' which is 100% Vegan friendly.

Range of 250 to 300 miles.

The company will produce four different levels of the Ocean EV.
Firstly, there is the Ocean Sport, which will retail for £34,990 and provide a battery range of 250 miles.

Secondly, the Ocean Ultra is priced at £48,900 and has a battery range of 340 miles.

Lastly, the Ocean Extreme model and Ocean One models are largely similar.

They’re both priced at £59,900 and have a battery range of 350 miles.

Each of the models has extraordinary features which differentiate it from a run-of-the-mill electric vehicle (EV).

For example, the Ocean Extreme model has a solar-panelled roof.

According to Fisker, the roof can provide between 1,500-2,000 miles of extra range per year, provided that there is enough sunshine, of course.

In addition, the interior of the models is made entirely of recycled materials.

The seats are made from recycled plastic bottles, whilst the carpet is made from fishing net waste.

Reservations for the Ocean are flying in!
At present, Fisker is pre-commercialisation. It has still yet to fully realise its growth potential.

However, its flagship SUV models are due to begin commercial production in November this year. Fisker will begin with the deployment of 5,000 Ocean One vehicles.

The models will be produced by automotive manufacturing group Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria.

Fisker currently has 40,000 initial reservations for its Ocean SUV models. The company just announced that 8,000 of these orders were made in February 2022 alone, showing the growing excitement about its vehicles.

Off the back of this news, Fisker’s shares popped nearly 15%.

Bearing in mind that most of the reservations are for the Extreme Ocean model, this means that we’re looking at potential sales of around $3.6 billion.

Fisker is anticipating costs between $715 million and $790 million for 2022, which will be used to produce the 40,000 models.

That makes for a healthy gross margin of around 60-70%.

Fisker expects to fulfil most of the orders, because it expects prices of the vehicles to remain unchanged. This is despite rising input prices and commodity costs.

Fisker will also seek to sell directly to customers, and avoid the associated costs with car dealerships.

The company has a very strong cash position ($1.2 billion) and is well placed to deliver the rollout of its Ocean model in November 2022.


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Fisker’s best days are undoubtedly ahead of it…
And Morgan Stanley agrees, "Fisker’s focused strategy on design and engineering and supply chain is a big attraction. The company is one of the only EV-related start-ups expected to launch on time with Ocean. In addition, Fisker’s tie-up with Magna will help in contract manufacturing and accelerate time to market while providing a path to scale and profitability when the demand begins to exceed supply of EVs."

Because of this, Morgan Stanley analysts put Fisker on a target price of $40, which could even rise to $90 in a bull case scenario.

Today Fisker’s shares trade at around $13. If the company hit those target prices, you could be looking at massive returns between 222% and 625%!

In short, Fisker is definitely an EV maker to watch in the future.

PS. Fisker is just one of five climate tech plays we’ve identified that could double or even triple your money in the next few years. 
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An “under-the-radar” stock:
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