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Are you ready for the “Cryptocosm”?

by , 16 March 2022
Are you ready for the “Cryptocosm”?
Around two decades ago, the biggest companies in the world by market cap were names like Exxon, Walmart and China National Petroleum.

Today, the top companies in the world by market cap are Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

But some believe in the next 10 years, there will be a similar turnover…

And a number of them will be companies that form part of the “Cryptocosm”.

Companies that are building a new internet!

I'm referring to blockchain technology that addresses the fundamental shortcoming of the internet as we know it - it's security.


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The problem with internet security
Since the internet has become a commercial engine as much as a communications platform, the internet needs a security protocol to match it.

There’s the constant demand for new user names, passwords, PINs.  You need a notebook just to keep track of it all.

However, all these security measures don’t stop hackers and nefarious characters trying to steal your private data/information.

In 2021, nearly 300 million people were affected by data breaches.

Part of the problem is that internet security is centralised.

By centralising your security, you actually help hackers and spies. Because it tells them 1) what’s important and 2) where it can be found.

This is the fundamental vulnerability of all centralised security.

So how does one fix this?

How blockchain will solve internet security
Blockchain offers a fundamentally new security architecture for the internet.
“Security first” is the motto of the emerging cryptocosm.

Why is the blockchain far more secure than the existing internet?

Blockchain provides a fixed record of all transactions and information transmissions that have occurred — and distributes a compressed version of all the data to everyone in the network.

By using this model instead of a centralised one, we won’t have all information in one place — where it’s an easy target for hackers. Instead, one would have to attack all the records across the whole internet before you can change or steal anything.

Plus, a hacker would have to capture 51% of the entire network in order to defraud the network – which is essentially impossible.

Who is making use of blockchain already
Big business is already starting to make use of blockchain tech…

BMW… Ford… Honda… General Motors… Hyundai…are all part of something called the Mobile Open Blockchain Initiative. It’s effectively a way of tracking where key components for new cars come from.

De Beers uses the blockchain to track where its diamonds are coming from via a new software platform called Tracr.

General Electric tracks where airplane engine parts come from using the blockchain.

Foxconn – the iPhone manufacturer – is developing a smartphone built entirely around the blockchain…
Pharma giants Pfizer, Gilead, Genentech, and
McKesson are all a part of something called the MediLedger Network – a consortium of companies exploring the blockchain to track where their supplies come from.

Walmart… the United Nations… Nestle… Credit Suisse… Royal Dutch Shell… the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, which has a $10 trillion derivative portfolio… are all moving onto the blockchain.

What the cryptocosm means for bitcoin?
The Cryptocosm is – in effect – a new form of the internet, built around decentralisation, privacy, and security.

It’s an entire ecosystem, encompassing everything from blockchain to the internet of things.

And very soon… I believe it could surpass bitcoin.
It’ll be more widely used… more critical to society and business… and ultimately, more lucrative for investors.

See you next week.
Josh Benton, The South African Investor

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Why this “Second Internet” could make you a fortune in the coming years
In the late 1980s the World Wide Web (WWW) began to proliferate around the globe.

Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee developed a globally interlinked information system that existed on “the internet”.

By 1990 ,a more formal version of the WWW was in development. This resulted in the publishing of the first ever “webpage” on 20 December 1990.

In just 30 years, the WWW and internet have gone from obscurity to become almost as important as electricity.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the internet powers the world. And it’s created millionaires and billionaires.

Now, imagine if you had a second chance at investing in the earliest stage of the internet…
The opportunity to invest in a technology that’s in the same phase the internet was in back in the late 1980s and early 1990s…

Well today, you have that chance…

Are you ready for the “Cryptocosm”?
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