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Do you want to invest in the top 20 shares on the JSE by Market Cap in 2016?

by , 17 June 2016
Do you want to invest in the top 20 shares on the JSE by Market Cap in 2016?
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is a complex web of companies and investment opportunities. If you look at all the shares on the JSE right now, you see big brands and recognisable logos.

What you don't always see the billions of rands that keep these listed companies afloat. I looked around to find a list of the top 20 shares on the JSE right now... Most of the lists are outdated, making it an administrative nightmare trying to find all the information required.

To get a sense of the sheer size and value of the companies you can invest in on the JSE, I've put together a list of the top 20 listed companies and a brief outline of what they do.

Most importantly I've arranged them according to their Market Capitalisation size. So that you can get an idea of the immense of amount of money these companies have in their coffers.

Why is this list of the top 20 companies on the JSE so important?

Well, not only does it show you the biggest listed companies in the country, it also shows you the immense value of the companies that you could possibly invest in. A large-cap stock investment, defined as the stock of a company with a market capitalisation of 10 billion or more. These stocks are important for growth and value investors because of the stability, steady dividend payouts and lower risks.

So let's get straight to them...

The top 20 biggest JSE listed companies in the JSE right now!

  1. Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA – Market Cap R3,066,917,791,492
Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV is a multinational Belgian-Brazilian beverage and brewing company with its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. It’s the world's largest brewer and has a 25 percent global market share.
This is certainly not a share to be snickered at. Anheuser-Busch InBev got conditional approval from the South African Competition Tribunal for its $100 billion acquisition of SABMiller (JSE:SAB) in South Africa.
Anheuser Busch Inbev SA: The Facts
Short Name: ABINBEV
Sector Listed: Beverages – Brewers
Ticker Symbol: ANB
PE Ratio: 30.77
Market Cap: R3,066,917,791,492
  1. British American Tobacco Plc  Market Cap R1,806,323,355,761
British American Tobacco plc is a British multinational tobacco company with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. It’s one of the world’s five largest tobacco companies. BAT is a global tobacco company with more than 200 brands sold in over 200 markets.
British American Tobacco Plc: The Facts
Short Name: BATS
Sector Listed: Tobacco
Ticker Symbol: BTI
PE Ratio: 17.81
Market Cap: R1,806,323,355,761
  1. SAB Miller Plc – Market Cap R1,549,764,966,357
SABMiller plc is a international brewing and beverage company also with its headquarters in London, It’s the world's second-largest brewer measured by revenues and is also a major bottler of Coca-Cola.
SAB Miller Plc: The Facts
Short Name: SAB
Sector Listed: Beverages - Brewers
Ticker Symbol: SAB
PE Ratio: 36.33
Market Cap: R1,549,764,966,357
  1. Naspers Limited – Market Cap R957,013,102,516
Naspers is a broad-based multinational internet and media group, offering services in more than 130 countries. Its principal operations are in ecommerce, video entertainment and print.
Naspers Limited: The Facts
Short Name: Naspers
Sector Listed: Broadcasting Contractors
Ticker Symbol: NPN
PE Ratio: 68.9
Market Cap: R957,013,102,516
  1. Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA – Market Cap R470,896,200,000
Compagnie Financière Richemont SA is a Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company founded in 1988 by South African businessman Johann Rupert. 
Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA: The Facts
Short Name: Richemont
Sector Listed: Luxury Goods
Ticker Symbol: CFR
PE Ratio: 20.66
Market Cap: R470,896,200,000
  1. Glencore Xstrata Plc – Market Cap R431,022,211,950
Glencore plc is a leading integrated producer and marketer of commodities, with global activities in the marketing of metals and minerals, energy products and agricultural products and the production, refinement, processing, storage and transport of those products.
Glencore PLC: The Facts
Short Name: Glencore
Sector Listed: Metals and Minerals
Ticker Symbol: GLN
PE Ratio: -76.92
Market Cap: R431,022,211,950
  1. BHP Billiton Plc – Market Cap R376,856,970,560
BHP Billiton is a leading global resources company. It’s one of the world's top producers of major commodities, including iron ore, metallurgical and energy coal, conventional and unconventional oil and gas, copper, aluminium, manganese, uranium, nickel and silver.
BHP Billiton Plc: The Facts
Short Name: Billiton
Sector Listed: Metals and Mining
Ticker Symbol: BIL
PE Ratio: 45.87
Market Cap: R376,856,970,560
  1. Steinhoff International Holdings N.v – Market Cap R336,872,808,312
Steinhoff retails sources and manufactures household goods and general merchandise in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Australasia. It’s retail operations are geared towards delivering value to consumer segments. It gives consumers affordable products through a vertically integrated international supply chain.
Steinhoff International Holdings N.v: The Facts
Short Name: Steinhoff
Sector Listed: Furnishings & Floor Coverings
Ticker Symbol: SNH
PE Ratio: 15.04
Market Cap: R336,872,808,312
  1. Sasol Limited – Market Cap R267,030,618,189
Sasol is an international integrated energy and chemicals company that leverages the talent and expertise of their more than 33 000 people working in 37 countries. Sasol develops and commercialises technologies, and build and operate world-scale facilities to produce a range of product streams, including liquid fuels, high-value chemicals and low-carbon electricity.
Sasol Limited: The Facts
Short Name: Sasol
Sector Listed: Chemicals – Speciality  
Ticker Symbol: SOL
PE Ratio: 9.75
Market Cap: R267,030,618,189
  1. MTN Group Limited – Market Cap R254,050,600,106
MTN Group Ltd. is a leading provider of communication services, offering cellular network access and business solutions. Through its subsidiaries, MTN Group is primarily involved in the operation of GSM cellular networks and the provision of related services to customers.
MTN Group Limited: The Facts
Short Name: MTN
Sector Listed: Wireless Telecom Services   
Ticker Symbol: MTN
PE Ratio: 18.45
Market Cap: R254,050,600,106
  1. Vodacom Group Limited – Market Cap R243,890,540,140
Vodacom is a leading African mobile communications company providing a wide range of services including mobile voice, messaging, data and converged services to more than 60 million customers. From our roots in South Africa, we've grown our mobile operations to include networks in Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, and Lesotho. We also offer business managed services to enterprises in over 40 countries across Africa. Vodacom is majority owned by Vodafone, one of the world's largest mobile communications companies by revenue. We're listed on the JSE Ltd. and our head office is in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Vodacom Group Limited: The Facts
Short Name: Vodacom
Sector Listed: Wireless Telecom Services
Ticker Symbol: VOD
PE Ratio: 18.55
Market Cap: R243,890,540,140
  1. Firstrand Limited – R243,451,779,243
FirstRand Ltd. is a public company and registered bank controlling company. FirstRand's vision is to be the African financial services group of choice, create long-term franchise value, deliver superior and sustainable economic returns to shareholders within acceptable levels of volatility and maintain balance sheet strength.
Firstrand Limited: The Facts
Short Name: Firstrand
Sector Listed: Banks   
Ticker Symbol: FSR
PE Ratio: 11.24
Market Cap: R243,451,779,243
  1. Anglo American Plc – Market Cap R192,689,640,864
Anglo American is a global and diversified mining business that provides the raw materials essential for economic development and modern life. The group's mining operations, growth projects and exploration and marketing activities extend across southern Africa, South America, Australia, North America, Asia and Europe.
Anglo American Plc: The Facts
Short Name: Anglo
Sector Listed: Metals & Minerals
Ticker Symbol: AGL
PE Ratio: 37.04
Market Cap: R192,689,640,864
  1. Standard Bank Group Limited – Market Cap R192,112,773,507
Standard Bank, also trades as Stanbic Bank. It’s a leading African financial services group with a unique footprint on the continent. With its headquarters in Johannesburg, Standard Bank listed on the JSE in 1970 and started building their southern African franchise in the early 1990s. The largest bank in the world, ICBC, is a 20% shareholder in the group, enabling a powerful strategic relationship that connects Standard Bank to the world's fastest growing economy.
Standard Bank Group Limited: The Facts
Short Name: Standard Bank
Sector Listed: Banks
Ticker Symbol: SBK
PE Ratio: 8.51
Market Cap: R192,112,773,507
  1. Old Mutual PLC – Market Cap R185,955,045,820
Old Mutual is an international investment, savings, insurance and banking group to more than 18.9 million customers in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. It started its business in South Africa in 1845 and since then, it has listed on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges, since 1999.
Old Mutual PLC: The Facts
Short Name: Oldmutual
Sector Listed: Life Assurance
Ticker Symbol: OML
PE Ratio: 13.91
Market Cap: R185,955,045,820
  1. Aspen Pharmacare Holdings – Market Cap R163,136,475,950
Aspen is an international supplier of branded and generic pharmaceutical products. This includes infant nutritional and consumer healthcare products in selected territories. The company is more than 160 years old.  It is the largest pharmaceutical company listed on the JSE. The Group has 26 manufacturing facilities on 18 sites on six continents and approximately 10 300 employees
Aspen Pharmacare Holdings: The Facts
Short Name: Aspen
Sector Listed: Pharmaceuticals
Ticker Symbol: APN
PE Ratio: 34.84
Market Cap: R163,136,475,950
  1. Mediclinic In Plc – Market Cap R160,439,439,549
Mediclinic is a private hospital group with three operating platforms in Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia), Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Its core purpose is to better the quality of life of patients by providing cost-effective acute care specialised hospital services.
Mediclinic In Plc: The Facts
Short Name: Medclin
Sector Listed: Hospital Management & Long-term Care
Ticker Symbol: MEI
PE Ratio: 37.45
Market Cap: R138,306,938,756
  1. Sanlam Limited – Market Cap R128,666,760,558
The Sanlam Group is one of the largest financial services groups in South Africa. Established in 1918, the group demutualised in 1998 and Sanlam Ltd then listed on the JSE and the Namibian Stock Exchange. The group has business interests elsewhere in Africa, Europe, United Kingdom and India, the USA and Australia.
Sanlam Limited: The Facts
Short Name: Sanlam
Sector Listed: Life Assurance
Ticker Symbol: SLM
PE Ratio: 13.12
Market Cap: R128,666,760,558
  1. Barclays Africa Group Limited – Market Cap R121,338,554,685
Barclays Africa Group Ltd. (the Group or Barclays Africa) is a diversified financial services provider offering a wide range of products and services across personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management and insurance. With its long-standing presence in 12 African markets and its regional and global expertise, the group has a strong platform to capture the growth opportunity in Africa.
Barclays Africa Group Limited: The Facts
Short Name: B-Africa
Sector Listed: Banks
Ticker Symbol: BGA
PE Ratio: 8.51
Market Cap: R121,338,554,685
  1. Remgro Limited – Market Cap R114,474,449,677
Remgro Ltd. is an investment holding company established with effect from 1 April 2000, after the restructuring of the former Rembrandt Group Ltd. The Group's interests consist mainly of investments in food, liquor and home care; banking; healthcare; insurance; industrial; infrastructure as well as media and sport.
Remgro Limited: The Facts
Short Name: Remgro
Sector Listed: Diversified Industrials
Ticker Symbol: REM
PE Ratio: 15.58
Market Cap: R114,474,449,677

These slow moving blue-chip JSE stocks offer exceptional value – But don’t burn your fingers on them

Even though these large-cap stocks are well established in their markets and have a long history of growth and excellence, their share prices tend to by expensive and they move really slowly
The good news is most of them offer decent dividends that can help you to grow your profits. Don’t be tempted to spend the dividends. Reinvest them instead and you can significantly maximise your profits.
This doesn’t mean that you should rush out and buy all these shares. Remember, they’re quite expensive. So make sure that if you decide to invest in these, you do all your research first.
If you have any investment questions about any of these companies, don’t hesitate to ask them on www.investorsclub.co.za.
Let’s build your wealth together,
Aiden Sookdin
Contributing editor,
Real Wealth 

Do you want to invest in the top 20 shares on the JSE by Market Cap in 2016?
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