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Five advantages of government retail bonds

by , 19 September 2014

If you're looking to invest money into the bond market, then government retail bonds could be the perfect option for you.

They have a number of advantages to you as a private investor.

Let's take a closer look at these benefits…

Five reasons to buy government retail bonds

Advantage #1: Government retail bonds are a low cost way to buy bonds

Unlike investing in many other types of bonds, one of the advantages of government retail bonds is you can buy them from R1,000.

You just have to decide how long to invest for. You can select from terms of two, three or five years.

Advantage #2: Government retail bonds are a low-risk investment option

When you buy government retail bonds, you’re lending money to the government. The chances of the South African government defaulting on this loan is low.

Advantage #3: Government retail bonds are easy to buy

You can buy government retail bonds easily.

After you register on the government retail bond’s website, the Post Office or the National Treasury, you can buy bonds from a number of places.

This includes the government retail bond website, branches of Pick n Pay, the Post Office, the National Treasury and over the phone.

Advantage #4: You can buy inflation-linked government retail bonds

If you’re worried that inflation is going to eat into the interest payments you get from your bonds, you can buy inflation-linked government retail bonds.

This means you have a guarantee that the interest paid will be in excess of the current rate of inflation.

Advantage #5: You know exactly how much you’ll earn from your government retail bonds

Once you buy your government retail bonds, you’ll know how much interest you’ll receive from your bonds over the term you’ve chosen.

So there you have it, five advantages of government retail bonds.

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Five advantages of government retail bonds
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