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How not to fail investing in shares

by , 01 July 2015

You invest to try to make money. But research shows that investors have a tendency to do much worse than the market average over time.

So how does this happen? And how can you ensure you don't fail investing in shares?

Read on to find out…

Don’t try to time the market when investing in shares

There are several factors that result in investors not yielding good results over time.

One of the biggest culprits is that a lot of investors, especially those new to the market, want to try to time the market. It seems such a simple concept, but it isn’t that easy.

Successfully investing in shares may sound as easy as riding the market higher, then when it reaches its high, you sell. But the fact is, nobody rings a bell at the top of the market, Alexander Green in Investment U explains.

This leads to investors bailing out of stocks too early when there are still ample gains on the cards.

Jumping in and out the stock market isn’t clever investing. It’s certainly making your stock broker richer through commissions and fees, but chances are your portfolio isn’t reaping the benefits.

Another common problem is reacting to your emotions rather than a sound strategy. This is one way to lose money on the stock market.

How to stop yourself from making common investing mistakes

There are five key factors that determine how successful you are at investing in shares.

These factors are:

  1. A sound investment philosophy;
  2. A sound investment strategy;
  3. Strict buy criteria when investing in shares;
  4. Strict selling criteria for when a share doesn’t perform and when it does; and
  5. A method to minimise your expenses and taxes.

By having a firm grip on these five factors, you can increase your chances of investing success on the stock market.

So there you have it. How not to fail investing in shares.

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How not to fail investing in shares
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