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How South Africans can profit from Europe's fastest growing economy…

by , 12 September 2016
How South Africans can profit from Europe's fastest growing economy…
When you think of Europe's fastest growing economies, who comes to mind?

Switzerland?, Germany?, maybe Netherlands?

No it's none of them.

The fastest growing economies in Europe consist of countries you don't hear much about in the news. I'm talking about Malta, Luxembourg, Romania and Poland.

These countries' economies are expected to grow more than double the Eurozone's in 2016 and beyond.

But one country tops them all…

With its economy expected to grow 4.9% - more than triple the Eurozone's 1.6%, Ireland is definitely looking like an attractive investment destination.

And just recently a new opportunity emerged for South African investors to get access to Europe's fastest growing economy.

Let me explain…
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Now South Africans can add more diversification and liquidity to their portfolios

When you look at the JSE, there are tons of companies to choose from that operate in developed markets with fast growing economies. Especially property companies.

Take NEPI for example, the company develops shopping centers in Romania – the second fastest growing economy in Europe.

More and more property companies are switching their focus to offshore European countries to boost growth as the property market in South African becomes stagnant. As an investor you can invest in Poland, UK, Germany, Serbia, Croatia – you name it.

But a property company that recently listed on the JSE is giving South Africans the opportunity to profit from the fastest growing EU economy – Ireland.

In fact, this company isn’t new to South African investors who already hold around 10% of its shares. Including investment firm Stanlib, which owns Hammerson in its Stanlib Global Property Fund.

Stanlib’s head of listed property funds, Keillen Ndlovu said,"It’s a welcome addition to the JSE real estate sector. It creates more choice, diversification and liquidity…. We are likely to see an increase in the South African shareholding.”

But investments from South Africans aren’t going to stop at 10%. The company expects shareholding from South Africans to increase to 15%.
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The new property listing that’s already sealed its place in Europe’s fastest growing economy and more

On 1 September, a London listed property company recently became the largest property counter on the JSE with a R91 billion market cap overtaking London-listed Intu Properties.

In short, this UK property giant owns shopping malls and retail parks in the UK, France and Ireland, with a property portfolio valued at £9 billion (R155 billion). It owns a portfolio of more than 41 shopping centres and retail parks.

Some of these include, Brent Cross Shopping Center London, Bullring in Birmingham and Dundrum Town Centre in Dublin.

The most attractive part, is its foray into Ireland. The company has a strong presence there and showing a strong long term trend in profits.

Take its investment in Dundrum in Ireland. This shopping center is the largest of the group’s assets by lettable area which is around 140,000m2. The centre provides 120 shops, 38 restaurants, and 3,400 car park spaces. The centre is currently at 99% occupancy with total rent of €60 million per year. So it’s going to contribute a hefty amount to Hammerson’s profits.

But this isn’t all…

Its total portfolio of Dublin assets includes over 200,000 m2 of high-quality shopping centre space, home to 320 tenants and achieving nearly 50 million customers a year!

And you can see by the graph below, Hammerson is showing a strong upward trend with growing its profits in Ireland. 
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One more reason why this company is a “must-watch” for South African investors

One of the most proven ways to make money from stocks is to get in early and buy when the prices are low.

There are many ways you can identify companies trading at bargain prices and one of those ways is to look at a company net asset value (NAV).

Investors use a company’s NAV to estimate the worth of a company should it sell all of its assets at their balance sheet values.

If you take a look at this company’s net asset value (NAV), it’s currently sitting around R143.25. Now using its share price of R111.47, you can work out how much of discount you’re buying Hammerson’s share today.

When you compare the NAV with its share price, you’ll realise that you can buy its shares today at massive 28% discount.

And because more South African investors will buy their way into this property stock, this is definitely a share to watch in the future.
Always remember, “Knowledge brings you wealth”

Joshua Benton
Editor, Real Wealth

P.S. Even though this recently listed property has great prospects and a profitable property portfolio, it’s not a company that fits perfectly in my Real Wealth strategy. But if you want to find out which stocks are the best buys right now, then I urge you to click here.

How South Africans can profit from Europe's fastest growing economy…
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