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How to profit from the Cloud Revolution

by , 25 September 2013

I was in a state of total panic on Monday! My client had just called me and bumped up my Friday deadline to that very same day. Within the space of an hour, I had to email 84 high-resolution photographs to Nairobi. Those files are BIG.

And the internet connection is shoddy!

So uploading one image can take up to 10 minutes...

There was no way I was going to meet my deadline. I was in a mad flap! And if my client needed changes made, he'd have to send the dozens of images back, causing further time delays.

This is a FRUSTRATINGLY inefficient way of doing business.

I thought 'Any company that comes up with a smarter way of doing this will make a fortune!'

And there is.

A technology multinationals moving into Africa can’t live without
The technology I'm referring to is called 'cloud sharing'.
Cloud sharing is not a fly by night technology bound to go bust. It’s the key to making African operations profitable. 
That’s to say, it’s indispensable! 
Because let’s face it, the growth prospects in the rest of the world are not looking too hot. So multinationals are looking to the frontier continent to meet their targets. 
Africa is so hot right now. But to get in on all that, to venture into the unknown, companies need to get smart. 
They’ll need a way to bypass the issues caused by infrequent flights, unreliable or non-existent connectivity which, if it does exist is too expensive. 
If companies can overcome this, the opportunities in countries like Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria are IMMENSE!
And cloud sharing is going to make it all possible…
Instantaneous implementation is key to making a profit
With cloud sharing, you can share documents and information with your clients instantly, eradicating costly inefficiencies. 
This is a much more practical way of doing things than trying to drive to Nairobi to finish off a job with virtually no notice!
The same logic applies to companies, but the effects of inefficiency are more drastic. What if you can’t finish your training job in Accra in a single trip? Or if the client didn’t prepare for the consulting team’s arrival? 
I’ll tell you what happens: The budget gets blown out of the water!
But with the marvel of cloud sharing, you can make all the information available to all parties beforehand, thereby making sure you don’t waste time due to a lack of preparedness. 
Also, if you need to finish off a training job or retrain the client, you could use remote meeting technology and make exponential savings on time and costs. 
So to make business higher up in Africa possible and profitable, multinationals planning to expand will NEED to integrate cloud-based technologies into their business models. You can expect use of this technology to increase substantially over the next few years. 
I call this the ‘Cloud Revolution’. And it is an opportunity for you to make a handsome profit…
How to profit from the Cloud Revolution
It’s actually pretty simple. 
As South African tech companies pick up on the need for more cloud-based technologies higher up in Africa, they’ll grow their businesses by including more cloud-based services! 
They are the best-placed companies to benefit from the massive technological demands that African expansion will create.
So all you need to do is keep a lookout for South African technologies companies such as EOH, Datacentrix and Pinnacle that are on the forefront of technology innovation!
As the economies of the likes of Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria get hungrier for the tech innovations that make it profitable to operate there, South African technology stocks are set to SOAR. 
Get in on them before they do and you could bank substantial gains in the near future!
Here’s to rooting out rewards!

Y’ael Shirley, 
Head Resource Economist, Resource and Scarcity Report.
P.S. For more exciting details on how to profit from innovation and expansion in emerging markets, come to the FSP Invest’s Symposium ‘A World of Opportunities’ on 18 October 2013. 
Better hurry! Only 10 spaces left!

How to profit from the Cloud Revolution
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