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How you can improve your chances of making money investing in shares

by , 02 September 2015

Investing in shares can be rewarding. You buy into a stock, sit back and watch its share price soar.

But unfortunately it doesn't always work out like that, as you may have already found out for yourself.

So it's vital you apply a handful of solid principles when investing in shares.

Let's take a closer look at what they are…

Don’t go investing in shares that lack prospects

The number one thing to bear in mind when investing in shares is to weigh up the business you’re looking at buying into.

You want to ensure you only put your cash into solid businesses that have great future prospects.

You must be 100% sure you think a company is going to succeed before buying shares, Marc Lichtenfeld in Investment U explains.

Make sure you stick to position sizing when investing in shares

When investing in shares, don’t lump a large portion of your investment capital into a few shares. You need to spread your capital amongst a number of different stocks.

By only putting a small portion into each investment, if one of your stocks plummets, it won’t pull the rest of your portfolio down with it.

Investing in shares is your decision and yours alone

Don’t let other people influence any of your investing decisions. It can be hard to ignore what other people may say about a company you want to invest in, but you have to.

You’ve done your research and if you’re happy a company measures up, go ahead and invest.

Always have an exit strategy when investing in shares

Use trailing stop losses or some other exit strategy when investing in shares. You need an automatic trigger that tells you when it’s time to sell.

It also helps to keep your emotions from interfering with your decisions.

So there you have it. How you can improve your chances of making money investing in shares.

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How you can improve your chances of making money investing in shares
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