How you can make 35% on your investment even if the market only rises 1%

by , 14 March 2018
How you can make 35% on your investment even if the market only rises 1%
What if I told you that you could make 35% growth off an investment even if the market only rises by 10%, 5% or even as little as 1%?

What's more, you are protected on the downside. If the market drops 10%, 20% or 30% you get ALL your capital back!

And, you can do this by getting exposure to the fastest growing markets in the world?

Almost sounds too good to be true.

But it's possible if you act quickly.

Let me explain…

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Get guaranteed returns, and downside protection, from this Investec product
Investec is selling a product called the Investec Digital Plus ESP.
It is an investment that is based on the Satrix Emerging Markets ETF and the iShares MSCI Emerging Market ETF.
These ETF’s are invested in emerging markets like China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, and Brazil.
So, if you’ve considered investing in emerging markets this investment is by far a better option than to simply invest in a normal ETF.
You see, using over-the-counter options on the emerging market ETF Investec can get you great benefits:
  • If the Emerging Markets ETF’s show a positive return after 3.5 years you will get a minimum return of 35%.
  • If the Emerging Markets ETF is negative, and down by 30% or less, after 3.5 years you will get ALL your capital back (that means you don’t lose a sent even if the market drops 29.5%).
  • If the Emerging Markets ETF drops by more than 30%, you lose in the same ratio you would’ve had you just invested in the ETF.
A summary of the returns you can expect

Simply put – instead of investing in an emerging market, ETF this investment is much better.
It gives you better returns in nearly every situation!
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So what are the Emerging Market ETFs invested in?

In the image above you can see that the emerging market ETFs mainly track shares in China, Korea, Taiwan, India, and Brazil (total of 71% of the total investment).
The investments the ETF’s are invested in are companies like Alibaba, Samsung Electronics, China Construction Bank, Ping An Insurance and China Mobile.
By sector, the investments make out 26.4% in the IT industry, 23.26% in Financials, and 10% in Consumer products. The remainder is in materials, energy, industrials, telecoms, health care, and real estate.
How do you invest in this?
The Investec Digital Plus ESP will be listed on the JSE, the same, as an ETF will be.
You can apply to buy it through your broker or Investec directly.
The product will trade on the JSE after 13 April 2018, with the share code SPIB22.
The maturity date at which payout is made (or capital protection applied) is 28 September 2021.
There are no fees for the product that you need to worry about, these are all built into the option structure Investec used – and by applying dividends from the index toward covering fees. In total, the dividends for the 3.5 year period will come out to somewhere around 5%. So you aren’t losing much with the dividends going toward fees.
Investec will also be the market maker for the share and will offer a 1% bid spread to buy it from you if you don’t want to hold on the full 3.5-year period.
Perhaps the only negative is that the minimum initial investment prior to listing is R50,000.
If that’s more than you want to invest you can try picking up some of the shares post listing if investors want to sell later on.
Here’s to unleashing real value
Francois Joubert
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How you can make 35% on your investment even if the market only rises 1%
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