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How you can profit from any region of the world at a fraction of the cost

by , 20 March 2014

I've always been a fan of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). They're a low-cost way to get great returns from multiple shares with just one purchase.

But now there's a new tool that's completely changed the game.

The ETF that allows you to profit from the World at a Fraction of the Cost!

It uses a similar strategy that we use in the Unconventional Millionaire which has doubled the returns of our market. 
But the difference is this new type of ETF gives you returns globally! 
Let me explain…


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You can profit from international fund managers without any hassle

French global banking group BNP Paribas has just unleashed four new tools on the JSE that you can profit from. 
These tools are very similar to ETFs, but they’re called Exchange Traded Note (ETNs). 
ETNs are transparent, listed tools on the JSE which can give you returns linked to different asset classes and markets.
You see, ETFs allow you profit from an index, like the JSE Top 40 by track the movements of it. 
But this ETN does something completely revolutionary. 
It mirrors the holdings of mutual funds already managed by BNP Paribas in Europe. In other words, you can get the skills of a fund manager, profit from international companies, and since it’s similar to an ETF – You’ll only pay a small fee.
So how does the management system work?
They use a system that is simple and completely objective – so you know you won’t have any biases when they pick stocks. It looks straight at the numbers and finds companies with good prospects, are highly profitable and buys the company at the right value.
Let’s delve into what exactly you can profit from…
As I said, there are four new tools they’ve released. You can choose to profit from the US, Europe, Asia or the world.
Here’s a summary of their costs and returns:

Clearly these tools are highly profitable. But there’s another reason why you should invest in them…

Dodge the government and you can profit without restraints!

You see, these ETNs are listed on the JSE. So even though you’ll profit from international markets, you can easily access them here in South Africa.
This means you can avoid many restraints!
You won’t need to go through any exchange controls. Because normally if you wanted to profit from foreign shares you’d need foreign currency to do it. And not only will this foreign currency exchange be more costly – there are limits to how much you can exchange.
Also, if you wanted to invest in funds internationally you would normally have a limit of R5 million that you could send overseas.
So by investing in these ETNs you can dodge all these restrictions and profit from global stocks!
To invest in these ETNs you can visit www.etfsa.co.za or ask your stock broker.
Go now and profit from this revolutionary new tool today!
Thrive in your possibilities,
Jonathan Bachrach

How you can profit from any region of the world at a fraction of the cost
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