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I have an amazing opportunity for you trading US stocks

by , 16 July 2019
I have an amazing opportunity for you trading US stocks
If you're interested in making money in the US markets, I have an amazing opportunity for you today.

With the G20 coming to an end on a high note, with the US adding 100s of thousands of more jobs and with the Dow Jones hitting all-time highs, I believe this is just the start of a long run up.

In today's article, I'm going to highlight why the Dow Jones is set to fly over 16.69% in the next few months.

Let's tackle them.
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Is this truce the end of the Trade Wars?
The Dow Jones is pricing in the aftermath with the outcomes of the G20 summit. In fact, last week alone we saw the index rally to new all-time highs, just shy of 27,000.
The major reason is because President Trump and President Xi finally came to a new agreement to restart trade talks. Both presidents agreed to halt additional tariffs going forward, as well as to ease the restrictions on the tech company - Huawei.
This decision has brought a new level of confidence and stability to the US markets, which has since then sent the index price to over 26,800.
Bad news for the US is good news for the Dow Jones
Another big event the US was waiting for this month, was the decision for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates for the first time in over a decade.
The main reason why the Fed is set to cut rates is based on the weaker-than-expected economic data that was released. 
The interesting thing is, even with the weakest earnings data release since 2006, the Dow Jones continued its rally.
Just to give you an economic point of view on how this works: 
A cut in interest rates means investors will receive less interest income from bonds and other interest fund alternatives. This means, investors will exit from these investments and look for opportunities that generate higher returns like stocks.  Consequently, this will drive up the price of the Dow Jones index.  
All the above factors favour a rally with US stocks and indices, but as a technical trader I always need that extra confirmation from the charts.
I expect the Dow Jones to hit over 31,000!
This 16% rally prediction I'm making is based on an effective technical break out pattern which I use for when I send a trade to Red Hot Storm Trader.
Looking at the above weekly chart, you can see the Dow Jones has been forming an Inverse Head and Shoulders pattern. This pattern contains a left shoulder, head, right shoulder and a neckline (Blue line).
And for the first time since January 2018, we saw the price break above the neckline at 26,700.
The fact that this psychological resistance level of 26,700 was breached, clearly attracted more buying and demand into the market which sent the price up passed the neckline of 26,732.
If we use the Top-Down calculation approach, we’ll find the next target for the Dow Jones index will be at 31,168.
Here's the calculation:
Target = (Top - Bottom) + Top
           = (26,709 - 22,250) + 26,709
           = 31,168   
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Two ways to profit from the next 16.69% rally on the Dow Jones
With the Dow Jones flying up 16.69%, in the next few months, this gives us two ways to take advantage.
First you can buy the Dow Jones CFD and hold until it hits this target price level.
Or you can wait for the next PickPocket Trader signal to buy into US companies that rally when the Dow Jones Index runs up.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader 
P.S: The PickPocket Trader service has already closed five winning trades on mainly US markets in the last three months. You now have your opportunity to get in while the Dow Jones rallies over 16.69%.

I have an amazing opportunity for you trading US stocks
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