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If I only held one stock, it would be this

by , 14 May 2020
If I only held one stock, it would be this
Everyone has favourites. A favourite food. A favourite colour. A favourite vacation spot. And, even though you'll never admit it, some people even have a favourite child.

For me, this pertains to the world of stocks too.

So, what is that one stock? The one I just have to hold no matter what anyone says?

Well, it's a company that, for the longest time, operated in the shadows of its main competitors: Intel and Nvidia. It was known as the budget brand but has now come into its own, humiliating its foes. It's a company I've always just liked and believed in.

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Meet my must hold “juggernaut” stock
You may already have figured out which company I’m talking about. But if you haven’t, I’m talking about Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (or AMD).
What does AMD do? It manufactures graphics cards and CPUs.
And it’s the CPU manufacturing that I’m focusing on. If you’ve been reading MoneyMorning for a while now, you may recall the article in which I wrote about AMD’s Threadripper CPUs.
These CPUs absolutely annihilate Intel’s CPUs when it comes to core counts and threads.
Why AMD is a great buy right now
I’ve always like AMD. But now there is reason to love it. You see, the company recently launched its new line 3300x ‘budget’ CPUs.
I say ‘budget’ because they’re cheap and supposed to compete with Intel’s low-end i3 processors.
But in reality, AMDs 3300x processors outperform Intel’s high-end 7th gen i7 CPUs!
That’s no small feat!
In addition to this, AMD is also breaking new ground when it comes to its graphics processing capabilities. Especially in the mobile devices space.
Or at least that’s what techies are speculating after AMD announced it is partnering with Samsung to power their mobile phones and tablets.
In recent tests done in Korea and posted to Korean tech forum, Clien, AMD almost doubled the performance of the current market leader Qualcomm.
The test results were quickly deleted from the tech forum but, if they’re true, AMD is busy humiliating another competitor and long-time market leader.
Since the coronavirus outbreak these gains from global financial markets have been pouring in...51.57%... 323.00%... 15.80%... 44.10%... 114.29% most in a matter of days!
If I had to pick just one stock…
And that’s why, if I had to pick one stock I MUST have in my portfolio, it would be AMD.
AMD isn’t settling for second place and is busy leapfrogging the competition. And it is doing so in the grandest of fashions!
If you want to add AMD to your portfolio, you can find the stock in the Rand Swiss GAMING10 basket. The basket holds AMD, Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, and other stocks that are currently powering the gaming and esports scene.
To find out more about Rand Swiss’ GAMING10 basket, send us a mail on support@randswiss.com and we will get back to you.
Christo Krog,
Rand Swiss, Wealth Manager

If I only held one stock, it would be this
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