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If you're a fan of structured products you might like this one

by , 05 November 2021
If you're a fan of structured products you might like this one
I have been picking structured products for several years now and rarely have I seen a product as good as the one I've found this month.

Tell me where you've ever heard of an investment that:

Has a 100% capital guarantee,
Delivers 400% of UNCAPPED index performance,
Offers a guaranteed 12% tax-rate on your final return,
Is backed by an A-rated international bank, and
Has all costs built into the product.
There is just one drawback, you have very limited liquidity. Before you read on, you need to understand that this product is only suitable for you if you're willing to tie-up your money for 5-years.

If that's acceptable to you, then listen to this!
Have you ever considered a career as a private Foreign Exchange trader? 
Did you know many private Foreign Exchange traders take home R100k to R200k per annum, with some traders starting with less than R10k in their trading accounts?
Sounds impossible? It’s not. You see, you only need a laptop, internet connection and a CFD account to get started. And today, I’ll show you how you can harness the power of a professional trader to make regular profits of 212%... 85%... 235%... maybe more… 
No forex trading experience necessary!
Feature #1: A 100% capital guarantee
Irrespective of what happened to the underlying index, you will get your initial investment capital returned. It’s that simple.
Feature #2: 400% of the index performance UNCAPPED.
This is quite honestly one of the best payoff profiles I’ve ever seen. Normally a structured product will either give you gearing and limited upside, or no gearing and unlimited upside. This is one of the very few structures with both gearing AND unlimited upside.
In addition, the gearing is 400%. That means you will get four times the index performance. If the index goes up 10%, you will get 40%. If the index does 50% you will get 200%.
The underlying index is the Solactive Sustainable Development Goals World RC 8 EUR index.
It’s an index designed to include shares of companies that meet various ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. Basically, companies that act ethically. I am a big fan of ESG companies as they usually have lower levels of volatility than the general market.
Feature #3: Taxed at 12% within the structure
This product is held inside a wrapper that is taxed at just 12%. This is a great solution for those that have a higher marginal tax rate.
If your marginal tax rate is 45% it means the tax bill on your returns can be hefty. If you generate a R1-million income-based investment return, you’ll only receive R550,000 in post-tax money. That’s right you will have to pay across R450,000 in tax.
That will be your tax bill if your cash is invested in an income producing investment like a fixed deposit account.
On the other hand, the same return within this structure gives you a 12% tax rate. Based on the same numbers, a R1-million investment gain means you’ll receive R880,000 in post-tax money. Your tax bill inside the structure will only be R120,000.
Obviously, tax structuring can be complex and highly personal, and that is why I’d highly recommend you chat with one of our advisors so that we can understand your personal situation. But that aside, this product has the potential to dramatically improve the post-tax amount you get from your investments. 
And then there’s the security…
For NON-crypto holders…
How to get a discounted stake in the game that you may never see again in your lifetime
This guide outlines a sensible strategy for easing into this market.
Feature #4: Backed by an A-rated bank
As with all structures, you’re taking on the credit risk of the issuing bank. For this product only banks with high credit ratings (at least A, or equivalent, from Fitch, S&P or Moody’s) will be used for the guarantees. Remember this is a risk rating that is significantly better than the South African government.
Feature #5: All costs are contained within the product
This means that you will not have to pay any additional fees and there are no surprise costs down the line.
The guarantee, and return, is based on the amount you invest. Not the amount after fees.
Basically, the product will deliver exactly what it says on the tin, no strange additional deductions to worry about.
What do you need to invest?
The minimum investment amount is R100,000 and we will be taking applications up until the 26th of November 2021 to invest. Once that date passes, so will this opportunity.
If you’re interested in finding out more, all you need to do is send an email to support@randswiss.com with your name and phone number. One of our representatives will reach out to take you through the product in more detail.
Have a wonderful weekend! 
Viv Govender,
Senior Analyst, Rand Swiss

If you're a fan of structured products you might like this one
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