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Investing during Pullbacks, Corrections and Bear markets

by , 28 January 2020
Investing during Pullbacks, Corrections and Bear markets
Yesterday saw global stock markets retreat, sending the JSE and other emerging markets into a tailspin. This is on the back of the Coronavirus and a missile attack on the US embassy in Bagdad.

But if it wasn't for this, it would have been something else… Investor sentiment has been high, pushing major US indices to all-time highs and others including the JSE to recent highs.
This doubt leads to the panic we see in the market’s gyrations, typically, a pullback is 5%, a correction is 10% and a bear market is a decline of 20% or more.
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This pullback should not turn into a correction as we could see positive news flow in the coming days.
Analysis using data from the S&P 500 indicates the optimum time to buy a pullback is at 7%.
This is because too often investors and traders jump in early, full of doubt and sell in panic at the low.
You should be using this pullback to accumulate shares in companies you don’t have or are underweight.
The only thing that is certain in the market is, we will see multiple pullbacks in a year and even a correction.
The market has only suffered a handful of severe bear markets over the past 100 years.
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Three investment strategies to overcome uncertainty
We like to take out the uncertainty with a blended investment approach using three strategies that give our clients, geared upside, some downside protection and stream of cash into their portfolios.
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Gavin McCarter,
Finova Capital, Wealth Manager
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Investing during Pullbacks, Corrections and Bear markets
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