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Is it too late to invest in the Tech Sector?

by , 12 October 2021
Is it too late to invest in the Tech Sector?
Since stock markets first began, many centuries ago, investments in technology have always resulted in the greatest profits. This is true from sailing ships navigating new territories, to building railways or the creation of the internet. It's always the newest innovations that have been the most profitable.

Over time however, what was once new, becomes old and boring.

Over the last 40 years, one kind of “new” technology has dominated the market. The PC, the internet and mobile phones can all be classed under a broad definition of IT or Information Technology. The sector has been so dominant that in many people's minds IT and Tech mean the same thing. But that is just not true. Pharmaceuticals, space travel and batteries are just as valid “tech sectors” as our internet conglomerates.

Unfortunately, for South African investors, there are very few ways to invest directly in these new “future” tech sectors. That is not to say South Africans lack the talent to create new technology. In fact, South Africans play an absurdly disproportionate role in the “future” tech sector globally. And I don't just mean Elon Musk. Some of the most powerful investors in Silicon Valley and Bio Tech were born in SA. However, the size and structure of our economy means that most talented young people usually must go offshore to fully realise their potential.

As an investor you are often forced to do the same. But even if you're investing directly in offshore companies, picking the specific companies that will succeed is difficult.
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Is it too late to invest in the Tech Sector?
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