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It's never too late to kick-start your “automatic-income machine” portfolio

by , 28 July 2016
It's never too late to kick-start your “automatic-income machine” portfolio
Wouldn't it be a nice for a change, to see consistent income flowing in your account instead of out?

I'm talking about the kind of income that could help you:

• Pay off debts
• Supercharge your retirement
• Build the wealth you need to live the lifestyle you want

Basically do whatever you want, when you want - with no money worries. The kind of income that comes streaming in no matter what the markets or economy is doing.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not.

Let me explain…
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Investors discovered something remarkable after the Great Depression

As you probably know, the Great Depression wiped out millions of investors and ordinary people’s hard-earned money.
Many shares fell 90% or more... And many simply disappeared. The vast majority of investors gave up on stocks altogether and flocked to the safety of bonds and treasuries – vowing never to look at another stock.
This bear market lasted 25 long years – a quarter of a century. It was the longest ‘dry spell’ between peak prices the global markets ever experienced.
And yet, when markets finally returned to its pre-crash peak in November 1954, something remarkable was discovered...
Smart investors – those who focused on getting automatic income from their portfolio – made more than double the money during the Great Depression than investors who took refuge in the ‘safety’ of bonds and treasury bills. For example... 
Income Investors  Bond Investors
$1,000 grew to $4,440 $1,000 grew to $2,350

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The power of dividend-investing isn’t just an international phenomenon – it’s local too

You’ll be amazed at what returns dividends have generated from the JSE.
Stocks on the JSE delivered a return of 12.1% per year from January 1960 to July 2012, with dividends adding a further 5% bringing the total return to 17.2% per year. Dividends contributed roughly a third of the annual return on a per annum basis.
Even better, the compounding effect of reinvesting the annual dividend yield is quite significant over a 50 year period. If you invested R100,000 in 1960, it would have grown to R421.5 million by July 2012, with reinvested dividends contributing as much as 90% of the total return over this period.
Right now, there are tons of solid dividend paying companies you can invest in – companies that consistently grow their dividends and have a proven track-record of paying hansom rewards to investors – You just need to know where to find them.
One example of an “automatic-income” share:  Bowler Metcalf – This company boasts 19 years of consistent dividend growth.
Bowler’s dividend pay-outs have also grown consistently from 2.87c in 1996 to 41.4c in 2015. That’s over 1,300% growth in dividends alone! 
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How to kick-start your “automatic-income” portfolio right away

The reason why dividends are great through tough times is because if there’s trouble in the market, capital growth on shares is slim. Strong dividend paying companies deliver yields capable of generating handsome pay-outs and protecting you from challenges like inflation, high interest rates, depleting retirement savings which investor’s face today.
But I have the best solution for you.
As I mentioned, Bowler is one such example of a solid “automatic-income” share you need to own in your portfolio.
If you’d like to discover seven more “automatic-income opportunities”, then I urge to grab my The endless “PAYCHEQUE PORTFOLIO”.
These seven top dividend payers listed on the JSE aren’t necessarily the ones with the highest dividend yields. I’ve selected them because they’re the best dividend payers, but more importantly are strong, quality companies, that are sustainable and profitable.
Knowledge brings you wealth,

Joshua Benton Real Wealth
Editor, Real Wealth

It's never too late to kick-start your “automatic-income machine” portfolio
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