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Join Red Hot Penny Shares for 12 months without risking a cent of your money!

by , 02 June 2022
Join Red Hot Penny Shares for 12 months without risking a cent of your money!
“This is a personal invitation, from me to you, to give Red Hot Penny Shares a try for a whole year with no pressure or obligation whatsoever.”

Since I started with Penny Shares in 2011, we've had 191 share tips closed - with 130 winners.

That's a win rate of 68%. So just more than two out of three shares are winners.

On average out of the 191 shares - the gain is 30%. The average winner has returned 68%, and the average loser has lost 27%.

And more recently with the covid pandemic at its height, we made some of our best gains…

2020 we sold out of 13 stocks with an average gain of 64%, but the win rate was only 61%

The point I’m trying to make here is that even though the world and markets seem to be in turmoil, you have to stay invested, to grow your wealth!

That’s why, I’m writing to you today.  To give you the opportunity to
join Red Hot Penny Shares.

As Warren Buffett famously said, be greedy when others are fearful.  And it’s times like these where you can find great quality companies at prices way below their real value.

That’s why I’m delighted to make you this offer…

It’s only available to you and a select group of former members… and it’s doubtful we’ll ever repeat it… in fact it’s the best offer we’ve ever made to anyone…


You can come on board as a Red Hot Penny Shares member, completely risk free, for 12 full months.

If you decide to cancel at any time in the first year, we’ll give you a full 100% refund on your entire membership, no questions asked!

That means you can receive the next 12 issues of Red Hot Penny Shares and get all your money back at the end, if that’s what you want!

So, why on earth am I happy to make you such an incredible offer?

Because I’m confident I can help grow your wealth.  

To get you started, I have just released my top five stocks to buy now.

So as long as you
act before 31 May, (good news!  we have extended this offer to 30 June 2022!) this exclusive report will also be yours 100% free.

Enjoy all that Red Hot Penny Shares has to offer at almost 50% off!

You can help yourself and your family financially with some of the hottest share tips, and only pay R870 for a full year (that’s just R72.50 a month!).

That’s a small price to pay if you consider that just one of these share tips could double your money in the next 12 months…

Trust me, I doubt whether you’ll read a more powerful or useful publication this year!

And all the reports you have access to are yours to keep free of charge, whether you decide to stay with me or not.

So why not give Red Hot Penny Shares a go? You have nothing to lose. That’s a promise. And you have a whole year to see just how much Red Hot Penny Shares can do for you.

And remember, you’ll NEVER pay the full membership fee of R1,570! That’s because even in your second year of membership, you only pay R870 (or R72.50 per month).

When you add up the value of all this investment research, it could cost you R1000s.  And yet, you’ll pay just R870 for an entire year - the cost of a nice dinner for two at a good restaurant!

Can you really afford not to take this opportunity today when just one of the recommendations could double your money in the next 12 months or less?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Francois Joubert
Chief investment Analyst, Red Hot Penny Shares

PS: Remember, I want you to
road test Red Hot Penny Shares for a whole year risk free. If you decide to cancel at any time over the next 12 months, I’ll give you all your subscription money back. And you’ll still get to keep the reports I’ve sent.

Join Red Hot Penny Shares for 12 months without risking a cent of your money!
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