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Joshua Benton reveals: Three emerging trends that will produce the next millionaire investor...

by , 23 June 2016
Joshua Benton reveals: Three emerging trends that will produce the next millionaire investor...
Joshua Benton's track-record in managing this portfolio is nothing short of spectacular.

He recently sold three shares from this portfolio and helped his readers pocket some phenomenal returns:
• Afrocentric sold for a 77.99% gain
• Combined Motor Holdings sold for 30.37% gain
• Oceana sold for a 216.57% gain
Out of the 19 open positions in his portfolio, only three shares are in negative territory. The biggest loser so far is only down 3% and Joshua is encouraging his readers to buy more of this share.

Right now the overall portfolio is sitting at a 225.20% return while the JSE All Share Index is at 79.11%.

Given the fact that Joshua is proving to be one of the best stock pickers in the country right now, I sat down with him, to find out where he believes the next great investment opportunities are.

Here's the transcript of that interview...

Population growth, drugs and global warming could make you the next millionaire

Q Aiden: Firstly let me congratulate you on the excellent performance of your Real Wealth portfolio. I’m sure you must be proud of the investment returns you’re delivering to your readers every month.
A Joshua: Thank you Aiden. Yes, the returns in this portfolio are quite good. I just hope that readers are acting on the recommendations I put forward every month so that they can secure these gains.
Q Aiden: Well, that’s what I want to speak to you about to day. How do you find these amazing stock tips every month?
A Joshua: Research, research and more research. I am a firm believer in investing intelligently. Throughout history many people have made billions of dollars by spotting and investing in unstoppable, global trends and that’s exactly what I do. My research helps me to find the trends...
Q Aiden: It sounds simple enough. But what are some of the trends investors should be looking out for right now?
A Joshua: Well, there are three trends that I’m paying close attention to right now. I believe that the next generation of investment millionaires will emerge from investments related to population growth, drugs and global warming.
Let me explain...

The first trend – Exploding population growth

The International Monetary Fund just released a paper showing that by 2050, there’ll be more than 9.1 billion on earth. 

The increase in demographics will spur a growth in urbanisation, especially in Africa. And when more urbanisation occurs, the demand for infrastructure and construction like railways, electricity and houses will increase. Investment opportunities are coming out of the woodwork.

Next, global warming is spurring on exceptional growth in renewable energy

There’s a massive shift taking place in the way the world uses power. Renewable energy is becoming a globally significant source of power. It’s entered the market at an unprecedented scale – and at a price that’s competitive with fossil fuels. So, I’m watching this sector closely.

Finally and most importantly, investors need to be looking at the legal drug market – Pharmaceuticals

Ebola, cancer and AIDS are just some of the diseases that have been plaguing the world for many years. And this is causing an escalating demand for pharmaceutical drugs.

In 2011, the global pharmaceutical market grew steadily, with sales reaching $1.08 trillion. Sales in the BRIC countries (Brazil, China, India and Russia) rose by 22.6%, while sales in the other 13 growth countries rose by 7.2%.
I’m watching one company quite closely in the next few weeks... It’s just closed a deal in this sector that caught my attention.
Q Aiden: Interesting Joshua. I’m sure everyone wants to know what this company is and how they can get their hands on it.
A Joshua: Like I said, I take my time to investigate the shares I tip thoroughly. So, I don’t want to reveal too much just yet. Let’s just say, I’m so excited about this opportunity that I’m seriously considering adding it my Real Wealth portfolio next month!
If you want to find out exactly what share Joshua has on his radar right now and how you can become a part of the portfolio delivering 225.20%investment returns... Find out more about Joshua Benton’s Real Wealth portfolio here.

Joshua Benton reveals: Three emerging trends that will produce the next millionaire investor...
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