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Looking for a low-risk investment option that pays you an income? Here's how to do it by investing in bonds…

by , 25 May 2015

Investing in bonds offers you a number of advantages.

If you hold higher risk investments like stocks, buying bonds lowers your overall investment risk.

If you're looking for a regular income from your investments, bonds tick this box too.

And if you want to invest your money for a specific period of time, bonds are perfect.

So if you want to invest in bonds, how do you do so?

There are a number of ways…

The lowdown on investing in bonds

Government and large corporations issue bonds. When you buy bonds from the government or a corporation, you’re lending them money.

In return for this loan, you receive interest rate payments for the duration of the bond.

Investing in bonds comes with less risk than investing in shares. Government bonds are very low risk. Corporate bonds come with varying risk, it depends on the issuing company.

If you’re thinking of gaining exposure to bonds in your portfolio, here are the different options available:

Four ways to invest in bonds

Click on the links below to uncover four different ways you can invest in bonds…

RSA Retail Savings Bonds: The easiest way to invest in bonds
Bond unit trusts: Get a fund manager to pick bonds for you
Bond ETFs: Invest in government bonds through exchange traded funds
Corporate bonds: How to invest directly in corporate bonds

If you want to know more investing in bonds, check out our essential report here.

And don’t forget, if you have any questions about investing in bonds, ask our team of experts here.

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Looking for a low-risk investment option that pays you an income? Here's how to do it by investing in bonds…
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