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My “One in a million” Penny Stock Play Here's why this R2 Stock should be the Cornerstone of your Portfolio!

by , 16 June 2022
My “One in a million” Penny Stock Play  Here's why this R2 Stock should be the Cornerstone of your Portfolio!
Hi, I'm Francois Joubert, Chief Investment Strategist for Red Hot Penny Shares

And today I'm going to show you how a modest investment in a single R2 stock could become the cornerstone of your million rand portfolio.

I call it my “One in a Million Stock Play.”

You might find the idea that one or two stocks could turn a portfolio into more than a million unbelievable, yet many investors have already done it.

In fact, I've made fortunes on stocks multiple times in the past decade. I invested in DRD Gold in 2019 - the stock went from a mere 265c to 1577c!

I bought Jubilee Metals in January 2017 at 63c, and by January 2021 it closed at 279 - a 342% gain.

And these were modest investments.

In fact - in the past decade alone I've uncovered more than 22 stocks that have DOUBLED in value OR MORE.

That's the power just one great single stock can have in your portfolio.
But there is one key characteristic to a “One in a Million” Stock...
It has to be “undiscovered”.

Regular investors should not know about it and it should go unnoticed by institutional investors because it would be just too small to consider.

The One in a Million Stock would also trade for just a few rands a share.

That way you can get in cheap and ride it to potentially hundreds of rands per share.

Now, it may seem unlikely that such a stock actually exists on the JSE.

But it does.

And I have shunned it for the last 10 years, till now!

And if you move quickly – before production kicks up a gear –
first movers could bag 150% as early as 2023 on this R2 stock.

And that’s just the start….

Let me quickly explain why this explosive investment opportunity should be part of your Million Rand Portfolio.

If it all pans out, this exploration company could hit the motherlode of paydays… I’m talking a meteoric 741% rise in share price!

Here are a few reasons why…

First, its products will be found in just about every new technology of the future.

Second, it’s currently valued at a measly R2billion, yet its expected revenues are R218 billion….  Let me say that again…  It’s only valued at R2billion currently but it’s expected to generate 100X that in revenue over the next few years!

And here’s why its even more exciting… as the rand gets weaker and it surely will, this company’s profits will rise.  

So not only is it selling for less than R2 with upside potential of as much as 741%, it is also a perfect rand hedge.

In short, this company meets every metric you could want in a “One in a Million” Stock.

Of course, you may be wondering why so cheap?

Let me explain...The company does not trade in a normal way... at least, not yet.

Remember earlier I said I have ignored this share along with many other investors for the last 10 years!

Here’s why...

The company has not generated a cent for almost a decade.

In fact, it has spent close to R13.16 billion.

But that’s all about to change.

It’s set to pay off with billions in sales.

And as of right now, I’d hazard a guess that you do not yet own the stock or have even considered owning it.

That’s why the stock is still cheap and unknown.

Like I said, this share could be the one in a million stock that turns your portfolio into a million rand portfolio.

And you can buy this R2 stock from a regular brokerage account... today.

I’ll reveal how you can get its name and ticker symbol in a moment. Because you going to need to act fast.

It’s already started to ramp production and that’s why I expect we could see 150% returns as early as 2023.

Yes! I want the details on the R2 stock
PS. As the story unfolds, I expect more and more investors to dive into this share.

But you could already be on your way to a million rand portfolio... all because
you scooped up this R2 stock today.

My “One in a million” Penny Stock Play Here's why this R2 Stock should be the Cornerstone of your Portfolio!
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