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The #1 investment rule for 2020

by , 13 January 2020
The #1 investment rule for 2020
Happy New Year and welcome to 2020.

The last time we entered a new decade, the world was recovering from the 08/09 Financial Crisis.

Since then, the US stock market has repeatedly hit new all-time highs (despite some bumps in the road).

And while we know the turning point in the cycle could be around the corner… we have to remember…

From the man who bought bitcoin for just $12…
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Markets can always go a lot higher! 
How many times over the past several years have you heard that stocks are massively overpriced by historical standards, and they just couldn’t go any higher?
Think of how many opportunities you would you have missed if you followed this doomsday narrative for the past several years.
Yes, today US stocks are extremely expensive by certain metrics. But they’ve been overpriced by those same metrics for a long time now. And stocks continue to climb, whether you think they should or not.
And right now, there’s no fundamental reason why stocks won’t continue to climb in 2020!
Based on stock market history, the current bull market still has legs
Look at these historic bull runs…
In 1932, the market rose for nearly 14 years straight after the Great Depression - Climbing an incredible 815%…
In 1947, the market rose for 15 years following World War II, which brought about a 936% return…
In 1974, the markets rose for nearly 13 years, capping off an 845% gain…
In 1988, the market saw an 817% gain leading up until the late ’90s.
The fact is, real bull markets can last 12-15 years, producing overall returns of 815-935%.
And here’s the thing...
Today’s “historic run” in the US is just over 10 years old — and the overall returns are sitting at just 283%.
In other words, this market is nowhere near its maximum potential.
In short, this market is offering incredible opportunities right now, and you should take advantage while it lasts.
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Stocks aren’t the only market that can move higher
Gold is another great example…
After gold’s tremendous run in 2019, we still believed gold could rise a lot higher. But we were met with scepticism from some MoneyMorning readers.
At the time, gold was trading at around $1,450. Today, gold is $100 higher!
So, the best advice I have for 2020 is buy the dips, because I don’t see anything stopping this market melt up. 
See you next week.
Joshua Benton,
Managing Editor, Real Wealth
P.S. While gold and stocks are poised to continue higher, the next bitcoin “halving” coming in May could send crypto prices soaring. Here’s everything you need to know to start investing in cryptos.

The #1 investment rule for 2020
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