The investment secret to make double and triple digit gains in 2018

by , 16 January 2018
The investment secret to make double and triple digit gains in 2018
Have you ever heard of ‘GARP' investing?

No, I didn't make it up.

It's actually a four decade-old investment strategy popularised by one of the most successful fund managers to ever live - Peter Lynch.

Peter Lynch used ‘Growth at Reasonable Prices (GARP)' investing to identify stocks with both value and growth qualities. He'd buy companies that demonstrated consistent earnings growth above market levels (growth investing) while excluding companies that have very high valuations (value investing).

And it proved to be an extremely profitable investing strategy - helping Peter Lynch generate annual returns of 29.2% over the 13 years, beating the S&P 500 returns of 15.8%.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, if you've read any of my articles before, you'll know that I hugely admire Peter Lynch and his successful investing career. So I took his “GARP” investment strategy and tweaked it to make it relevant and useful for investors today.

And I'm happy to say this strategy has been hugely profitable.

The stocks I picked using this strategy netted the Real Wealth portfolio an average gain of 208% per stock. That's enough to turn R10,000 into R30,800 or R100k into R308k.

That's why, today I'm going show you how you can use this strategy to uncover investments that could fly and make 2018 your best investment year yet!


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The secret investment strategy revealed…
Instead of “GARP”, I look for “below-the-radar” stocks.
“Below-the-radar” stocks are usually small, quality companies that the biggest investors on the JSE - the banks and institutions ignore because they just don’t offer enough stock for them to buy.
Yet a select few of these ‘forgotten’ stocks offer more horsepower than any other stock on the JSE because of three distinct characteristics that they have in common.
#1: The market MASSIVELY undervalues them relative to their peers
Typically, companies that have significant growth potential have much lower price to earnings (PE) ratios than other companies.
This may be because of market mispricing, an oversight or the belief that it is operating in a low growth industry, so the whole sector is sometimes ignored – even though gems may exist.
“Below-the-radar” stocks tend to have much lower P/E ratios than other companies. The reason why is, because the market grossly underestimates their huge growth potential.
#2: They are unstoppable, relentless money-making machines
“Below-the-radar” stocks make tens of millions, even billions of rands in revenue every year from their innovative products and services.
Whether it’s a diversified retailer that sells household appliances everyone wants, an IT specialist that provides software solutions or a global exporter of fish, these companies offer and more importantly, deliver solutions that meet their customer’s desires.
And the thing is, they tend to have a wider customer base not limited to South Africa – meaning they generate profits in dollars, euros or pounds.
#3: They have the potential to rise more than 50%, 100%, even 500%, while the rest of the market goes nowhere
Finally, “below-the-radar” stocks are companies that explode in value whether its due to the market undervaluing the stock’s potential, a recent massive acquisition or because of some new innovative product or breakthrough.
The gains we’ve received from previous “below-the-radar” shares have been spectacular, but the thing is these returns are in the past.
Right now, I’ve just finished researching the next-wave of “below-the-radar” stocks, all with the potential to double or even triple your money starting in 2018.
The next wave of “below-the-radar” stocks you must consider buying today
“Below-the-radar” stock #1: There’s a 100% upside in 2018 from this small tech gem
This company is perfectly positioned to expand on its growth with businesses in 38 countries. It’s trading at a very low PE and every year for the last five years, it has grown revenue, profits and dividends.
What’s more, this company recent acquisition could boost its earnings by 15% and I’m not counting the sustainable organic growth it will achieve in 2018.
“Below-the-radar” stock #2: You could pocket a minimum 70% return as this low-key company taps into lucrative government contracts
Most people don’t know that this tiny company has secured lucrative government contracts to provide local municipalities in-house technologies to improve and better manage service delivery to millions of South Africans.
It also trains over 90,000 learners and more than 4,000 organisations on how to maintain a safe and compliant working environment in countries around the world.
And servicing millions of people has helped the company’s revenue, profit and dividends rise since 2014.
“Below-the-radar” stock #3: 85% upside from a tiny gem taking over the global logistics market
While the bigger JSE listed logistics companies have struggled to grow, one small company has quietly grown its market share in South Africa and across the globe, in places like Hong Kong, Europe and Australia.
And surprisingly, the market hasn’t noticed this as it’s one of the cheapest shares on the JSE right now. It’s grown profits over 1,000% since 2010 and this trend will continue as demand for exports soar.
“Below-the-radar” stock #4: A company set to reap mega profits from the fast-growing prepaid market in SA
Right now there are over 9 million prepaid electricity meters in South Africa. Over the next few years, that figure is estimated to rise to 11 million (at worst) or 15 million (at best).
In fact, prepaid electricity has now become the norm in South Africa.
You see, since 2004, electricity prices have increased by over 300%.
This means, electricity has become increasingly unaffordable This is one of the main reasons why South Africans have shifted towards the prepaid electricity market.
You see, the company gets a margin on sales of prepaid electricity.
So, when electricity prices increase and people increase the monthly spend on electricity, this company gets a higher income from its electricity sales!
There’s a potential 80% average return on the table from the four stocks I’ve just told you about, so I urge you not to waste any time and get invested today.
If you’d like to know more about the incredible potential of these four companies, make sure to follow this link.
Always remember, knowledge brings you wealth,
Joshua Benton, Real Wealth

The investment secret to make double and triple digit gains in 2018
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