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The next Bitcoin could make you a millionaire

by , 16 October 2017

On 1 January 2017, this cryptocurrency's price stood at around $8.24.

At that time, its market cap was around $720 million.

Fast-forward to today, its market cap has grown past $30 billion. But even better, its price has soared to around $322 - which is a 3,807% return compared to Bitcoin's 453% return this year.

In other words, a R120 investment into this cryptocurrency on 1 January 2017, would have grown into over R4,500 today.

A R1,200 investment would have grown into over R45,600!

Today, Crypto experts say it has the potential to become the next Bitcoin. And smart investors who take the risk and invest, could become a millionaire.

Here's why…

The world’s most important system for future digital businesses
The developers of this cryptocurrency built a blockchain and a system that allows people to build businesses on their blockchain.
Author of The Crypto Revolution, Sam Volkering describes it as this…
"Think about a city. Full of skyscrapers with companies and people working away. You can imagine the blockchain as the land and the skyscrapers. Then you get the coin that powers the blockchain – it’s the same as the electricity that powers the city."
The main purpose of this cryptocurrency’s blockchain was to build decentralised applications using a new digital protocol.
In simple terms, you can think of it as more of a platform for building applications, businesses and even new cryptocurrencies.
They achieve this using ‘smart contracts', which are ‘autonomous agents’ that operate on logic. Sam says…
For example, if A does B then C does D. These smart contracts can be far more complex than that. They can be as complex as to verify the identity of someone that might be applying for a new trading account.
Or they could be a smart contract to pay out a certain amount of money on the delivery of a particular product.
The key point is a smart contract can be used for anything. It can be fully automated and trusted. Thanks to the blockchain system and its decentralised nature it’s the perfect tool to build enterprise on.
The fact is, the more enterprises develop and build on this blockchain, the more powerful it gets.
The fuel that powers this blockchain
For this blockchain to survive and flourish and for enterprises to build on it, it needs ‘fuel’. The fuel is the coin that powers the blockchain.
Sam says…
"Think of this coin like a commodity. A limited resource that the whole system needs to use to work but is in limited supply. As the blockchain grows in size and stature and attracts major global corporations, the value of its fuel (the coin), should rise, and rise...and rise. The bigger it gets, the more it needs fuel, and those that hold the coin, and use it to help fuel the system could turn into millionaires, maybe even billionaires into the coming future."
In short, bitcoin is a digital, decentralised currency for ‘the people’.
This cryptocurrency “could well be the supercharged ‘business version’ the world’s biggest companies will all come rely on.”
The good news is, despite this cryptocurrency growing over 3,800% in 2017, it’s just the beginning.
What is the next Bitcoin and how can you invest in it today…
If there’s one thing Sam knows about, its cryptocurrencies.
He says, “the potential of this blockchain and the value of its currency is huge. Maybe even bigger than bitcoin.”
Even the cofounder of Coinbase - one of the most well-funded bitcoin startups ever, suggested that it could even, ‘blow past bitcoin entirely’.
The good news is, there’s still time to invest before this cryptocurrency blows up.
In fact, this single investment could turn you into a millionaire.
Always remember, knowledge brings you wealth,
P.S. In October’s issue of the South African Investor, Cryptocurrency expert, Sam Volkering shares all the details about this lucrative opportunity and how it can turn you into a millionaire.

The next Bitcoin could make you a millionaire
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