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The one tool that'll help you uncover company “secrets” on your path to investment success

by , 06 June 2013

When buying shares, it's crucial you do your homework on the company in question. You may be wondering where to start, but your first investigative steps couldn't be easier with this JSE tool. Read on to discover what it is and how you can access it…

Before committing any of your hard earned cash to the stock exchange, it’s imperative you do as much research as you can into the company you’re interested in.

Where do you start your investigations?

The JSE, of course! It has an essential tool that’s available free of charge that’ll help you, highlights Gareth Stokes in Fear, Greed and the Stockmarket.

You see, companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) must comply with a number of regulations and administrative requirements. One of these requirements is they have to keep shareholders fully appraised of developments that might impact the price of the share concerned.

So how do they do it?

Your free essential research tool: SENS

JSE maintains a Securities Exchange News Service (SENS). This system broadcasts information to shareholders in a quick and effective way.

The main items sent via this channel include:
  • Company financial statements.
  • Advance notice of material changes to expected earnings and revenues.
  • Directors dealings in company shares.
  • Cautionary announcements relating to negotiations which might affect the share price.

Here’s how SENS will help you be a better investor…

It’s important to look through any recent SENS announcements for a particular company before investing.

Look for tell-tale ‘positive’ signs. For instance, if there are a number of SENS announcements relating to directors purchasing stock, this could indicate that the company could be nearing some good times. After all, directors know what’s happening in their company.

You can view SENS announcements on the JSE website and on most online brokerages or financial sites.

What are you waiting for? Get searching for your uncovered gem and secure investment success.

The one tool that'll help you uncover company “secrets” on your path to investment success
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