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There's still great value to unlock on the JSE…

by , 16 June 2022
There's still great value to unlock on the JSE…
In April 2021, I shared a company that I believe SA investors should own.
The company?

Capital Appreciation (JSE: CTA).

You see, CTA is what I called a “Below-the-Radar” stock.

These types of companies usually small, and largely ignored by the big money investors.

Yet they demonstrate huge growth potential, generate consistent profits and in many cases, pay attractive income.

Since I wrote that article, CTA's shares have rallied over 62%.

So today, I'm going to share another “below-the-radar” stock that could deliver similar gains to CTA.
This SA-Listed Company Could 7X your Money

After a long embargo, Francois Joubert has just lifted restrictions of his report about this explosive breakout stock.

That’s right – if his research is correct, it has the potential to generate as much as 741% in as little as 4 years.

The best part is he expects at least 150% in just the next 18 months…

But hurry, this opportunity is extremely time critical – new developments could shift the price upwards within weeks.

Click here to find out more.

How to profit from Polymers

Polymers are materials made of long, repeating chains of molecules. The materials have unique properties, depending on the type of molecules being bonded and how they are bonded. Some polymers bend and stretch (rubber).

Others are hard and tough (epoxies and glass).

Natural polymers (starch, cellulose, rubber) have been around since the beginning of time. While, man-made or synthetic (Polypropylene, Polyethylene) polymers have been studied since 1832, and used extensively in 20th and 21st centuries.

Today, the polymer industry has grown so big, it’s considered to be larger than the aluminium, copper and steel industries, combined.

The reason why polymers are so invaluable is because they have excellent electrical, mechanical, optical, and chemical properties.

The high strength-to-weight ratio, durability and corrosion resistance can significantly improve product performance for various applications such as packaging, automotive parts, and medical devices. Polymers also ensure safety of goods from damage and corrosion.

Because of these key attributes, polymers are in just about everything.

Products made from polymers include clothing, polyethylene cups, fiberglass, nylon bearings, plastic bags, paints, epoxy glue, silicone heart valves, Teflon-coated cookware.

The list is endless.

Why demand is booming in polymers

For one, the Covid Pandemic highlighted the need for secure food packaging, medical and personal healthcare equipment that, in turn, has pushed forth the demand for polymers.

Plus, almost 30% of all automotive components are now being made from polymers. With the rising demand for electric vehicles, the polymer market will grow further, as these materials are essential to make lightweight battery packs.

So, it’s no wonder why numerous research houses expect the global polymer market to nearly double $838.5 billion by 2030.

And there’s a South African company perfectly positioned to profit from this booming industry…


Safripol is the ONLY producer of Polyethylene (PET) and High-density polyethylene (HDPE) in South Africa. They’re also only one of two producers of Polypropylene (PP).

This puts Safripol in a unique position, because they can supply local clients making them less vulnerable to supply chain disruptions and global supply constraints.

PET, HDPE and PP are three of the most commonly used polymers in the world.

In 2021, Safripol sold just under 450,000 tonnes.

Of course, certain polymers like plastic have a dire impact on the environment. But Safripol is developing solutions that not only improve efficiency and profitability, but reduce environmental impact.
Just one example is the company’s new formulation for a returnable soft drink bottle. This will allow the bottle to be re-used eight to ten times before it is recycled. As a result, it will significantly reduce plastic wastage and carbon emissions.

Imagine…. Buying one R2 stock and seeing it turn R10,000 into R74,100, R20,000 into R148,200 or even R100,000 into R741,000!
Go here for more details on this incredible stock…

Safripol isn’t listed on the JSE. But this company is

KAP Industrial Holdings Limited (JSE: KAP) – A diversified group consisting of leading industrial, chemical and logistics businesses.

Safripol falls under KAP’s “Chemical” business and generates the second highest revenue (R7.5 billion) and third highest operating profit (R428 million).
Today, KAP’s share sit on a respectable PE of around 8 and decent yield of 3.2%.

Its shares have outperformed the markets this year – growing +12%.
But if KAP returns to its pre-Pandemic highs, investors could still be looking at + 80% upside from today.

There's still great value to unlock on the JSE…
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