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This profit window is closing fast

by , 29 May 2020
This profit window is closing fast
If you've been following mainstream economic news over the past month, you'll probably think the world is in a much better place. You'll have heard about a variety of drug trials on Covid-19 vaccines.

News from companies like Johnston and Johnston, Merck, Moderna, Novavax all seem to be buoying investor sentiment.

The slightest hint of a potential solution to the Coronavirus problem and markets go wild.

And this optimism being spewed by the mainstream media, is giving you an opportunity to zig while others are zagging.
Here's the PROOF: This recently made R8,848 in just a month (Since the COVID-19 Lockdown)
If you haven’t had a chance to diversify your nest egg, this could be your last chance
Right now, many countries are relaxing their lockdown regulations and tentatively reopening their economies.
This has led to a short-term bounce in the markets.
At the same time, the currency has strengthened from the lows of R19/$ following South Africa’s sovereign credit being downgraded to junk. Right now, it’s almost back to R17/$.
This means liquidating South African assets will be less painful and shifting cash offshore now gives time to think about your next move and potentially redeploy into a far weaker market in the weeks to come.
I believe if infection rates start to rise, markets will start to fall again.
The science is telling us we can’t contain this virus. In countries like China and Korea, countries everyone thought had beaten the virus, there is a resurgence of new infections with relaxed regulation on movement, so it’s very likely that the same will happen to western countries relaxing their lockdowns.
Since the coronavirus outbreak these gains from global financial markets have been pouring in...51.57%... 323.00%... 15.80%... 44.10%... 114.29% most in a matter of days!
For the briefest of moments, we have a return to “risk-on…” Here is your opportunity to act
1. If you don’t have assets offshore, speak to us about a direct investment. 
South Africa is a risky investment destination. Covid-19 has made it infinitely more so.
I love South Africa and will never leave, but I have to protect my assets. The appropriate investment strategy depends on your personal risk profile and situation. You should speak to an advisor. A good advisor should have a high offshore asset allocation. 
2. You may have funds tied up by local retirement regulation. If you have RAs, Provident funds, endowments or other highly regulated products. Speak to one of our wealth managers. There are efficient ways to release funds, bolster both your liquidity and your ability to weather the coming storm.
3. If you already have an advisor but would like to increase your exposure offshore, I will personally arrange the SARB reporting, foreign tax clearances and transactions for you to send your money anywhere in the world. 
As you know I have strong feelings on how you should externalise your funds. I always suggest you make sure to use a treasury agent and not a bank so that you don’t get taken to the cleaners with ridiculous spreads.
If you’d like to work with me personally, I can guarantee I will do it cheaper and more efficiently than any other provider. I have plenty of data to share on why we can beat any offshore transfer pricing.
You’re welcome to contact me for a no obligation quote by sending an email to support@randswiss.com.
Christo Krog,
Rand Swiss, Wealth Manager

This profit window is closing fast
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