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Three great ways to invest your money in 2016/17

by , 20 July 2016
Three great ways to invest your money in 2016/17
Nothing could prepare investors for the volatility that we've seen in the markets in recent months. It's been interesting to watch the economy dodge junk status, the JSE tank under Brexit and investors scramble around trying their best to find investment opportunities.

The good news is, just because the financial markets are going crazy, doesn't meant there are no opportunities for your to profit.

In fact, here are three ways that you can still invest your money and still pull a decent amount of profits from the market.

1. Forex trading – Everything you need to start profiting from international currencies 

I know that many investors cringe when they hear the word, “Forex Trading”. But it seems that there’s been a massive increase in interest for the Forex markets this year already.
Timon Rossolimos, the head of the trading desk here at FSPInvest, recently told me that he’s received hundreds of requests from investors begging him to teach them about trading Forex. If you’re one of these investors, I have some good news for you...
Due to popular demand, Timon will be hosting the Forex 101 Workshop where he will show hundreds of investors how to:
1.    Open a Forex account with ease, so you are ready to make Forex trades whenever an opportunity presents itself
2.    Use a free Forex trading charting platform, no sweat, so you can understand when to place a trade
3.    Understand all of the basics of the Forex market so you can make smart trading decisions from day one
4.    Buy and sell your first, but not last, Forex trade to bank profits for the rest of your life
To find out more all you need to do is read this.

2. Long-term investors – You can still find exceptional dividend paying stocks

I love dividend paying shares. Simply because I like investing in companies that pay me to hold their shares. Joshua Benton, editor of Real Wealth says, “Dividend paying shares give you work-free paycheques that are directly deposited into your account for as long as you want.”
This really is a great way to invest when the markets are going crazy, like they are right now. If you want to discover the best dividend paying shares to invest in right now, then read Joshua Benton’s Ultimate “Paycheque” report.

3. My favourite alternative investment – Starting a home business

Most investors don’t think about the potential profits a home business can bring. As an avid entrepreneur myself, I love the idea of investing my money in a low-cost / high-profit business that I can start from my kitchen table.
In this market environment, what you need now is:
  • Something that can help you make extra money quickly, almost instantly
  • Something that you could even have your spouse do while you stick to your regular job
  • Something easy enough that even retired people can use to generate a little extra income on the side
If you follow my home business blueprints, you control how quickly your business grows, how much income you spend and most importantly the amount of hours you work.
This is how I am investing my money in 2016. So far I’ve not been disappointed with my investment returns. 

Three great ways to invest your money in 2016/17
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