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“Tokenising the stock market” - The next big phase of the crypto revolution has begun

by , 31 January 2019
“Tokenising the stock market” - The next big phase of the crypto revolution has begun
Over the course of 2018 the crypto market shed around $700 billion, or about 84% of its value. But while many were focused on the crypto crash, there was a major announcement in the crypto market that went unnoticed.

In July 2018, Switzerland's stock exchange announced it was building a fully integrated trading, settlement and custody infrastructure for digital assets.
Their goal? 
“To provide a safe environment for issuing and trading digital assets, and enable the tokenisation of existing securities and non-bankable assets.”
In other words, a major country was building the infrastructure to tokenise its stock market and stocks.
Fast-forward six months later and the dream of “tokenising stocks” has become real…
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Facebook, Tesla and Amazon  have already been tokenised
On 03 January 2019, a Bloomberg article revealed that a digital exchange, opening this month, would enable investors to trade in companies including Apple, Facebook and Tesla outside of the US even when the stock markets are closed. 
DX.Exchange, which has offices in Estonia and Israel, will offer digital tokens based on share of 10 Nasdaq-listed companies with plans to expand to the New York Stock Exchange as well as in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Each digital security is backed by one regular share and holders will be entitled to the same cash dividends, even though the companies themselves aren’t involved.
What will happen is, DX.Exchange will act as an intermediary, sort of, like how a traditional broker does now. The only difference is, it will be open all the time and let people (anywhere in the world) trade in fractions of a share.
Some other companies already tokenised are Netflix, Intel and Nvidia – three of the biggest companies in their respective industries.
This is just the beginning. Expect to more see companies being tokenised directly in 2019, which will completely cut out the brokers and middlemen.
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“This is the beginning of the traditional market’s merge with blockchain technology”
What’s more, it’s using the Ethereum blockchain, which is great news for Ethereum holders. This is the kind of “adoption” that the crypto world has been crying out for.
From Bloomberg:
Digital stocks could hold advantages over traditional shares because they can be traded even when exchanges are closed, and traders can choose to buy fractions of a share. They could also give foreign investors the ability to buy and sell US shares they might otherwise struggle to access. CEO of DX.Exchange, Daniel Skowronski said, “We believe that this is the beginning of the traditional market’s merge with blockchain technology.  This is going to open a whole new world of trading securities old and new alike.”
Just think about…
Stock markets that “go crypto” will allow people from all over the world to invest in any asset they want, at any time of the day they want, and with as much or as little money as they want. Trading stocks will be just as quick and easy as trading cryptos on an exchange.
When stocks are tokenised, they won’t have to be sold in lots of one. Just as you can buy a fraction of a bitcoin, you’d be able to buy a fraction of a share.
2019 is already shaping up to be an interesting year for crypto developments. And they just might the catalysts for crypto prices to rise again.
See you next week,
Joshua Benton,
Editor, Real Wealth

“Tokenising the stock market” - The next big phase of the crypto revolution has begun
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