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URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT 9 Future Trends of Healthcare

by , 29 July 2022
URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT 9 Future Trends of Healthcare
Q. “I read your very interesting take on Netcare and Mediclinic in the article this week. I was wondering if you are a strong believer of investing in healthcare in the future. Could you briefly list some points on why you would or wouldn't be an investor in healthcare”

A. The future of healthcare, is very exciting!

I am an avid believer that with an everincreasing population and with better technology being developed, healthcare will always be a top sector to invest in…

I have identified 11 future trends which I believe present great investment opportunities in Healthcare.
Future Trend 1: Metaverse (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality)
With people getting more involved into their everyday lives with VR and AR, we will see a lot more education, consultations and even remote workings with the power of the Metaverse.

Future Trend 2: Going Green – Energy efficiency
Already companies like Netcare are incorporating new
energy efficiency methods into their hospitals to make up for Eskom’s ongoing load shedding. This will only improve in time with hospitals.

Future Trend 3 & 4: Machine Learning and AI
Computers are starting to help medical scientists invent new medication, inventions and even vaccinations. This will help develop breakthroughs in the medical field forever.

Future Trend 5: DNA and Stem Cell tech
Scientists are getting better at deciphering and sequencing the human DNA genome.

With this improving technology, we will soon see it readily available at hospitals all around the world.

With this technology, doctors will be able to rejuvenate nerve damage, regrow organs and limbs and even bring senses back to the deaf, blind and paralyzed.

Future Trend 6: Telehealth and tele-medicines  
During the Covid-19 era, we were forced to move and work remotely And even now, we are seeing more businesses continuing with the remote way of working.

With healthcare, we are seeing more doctors providing consultations online. And with better tech innovations and biometrics, patients are able to order their medicines pre-scribed and un-prescribed online.

This will help a great deal with automatic orders which will streamline the processes better.

Future Trend 7, 8, 9: Better Equipment, security and education
Everything with healthcare is improving on a daily basis.

We have much better technology and equipment to help treat and cure medical problems.

We are gaining more knowledge than we’ve ever had, which is making the patient experience easier, smoother, quicker and less painful.

There are also new technologies (like Blockchain) which are helping secure patient data and even provide them with their own results and files.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the future of healthcare…

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URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT 9 Future Trends of Healthcare
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