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Vaccinate your portfolio from COVID-19 with these 4 shares

by , 03 March 2020
Vaccinate your portfolio from COVID-19 with these 4 shares
Last week was a scary time for most investors as global markets racked up new records for the fastest 10% pullback in history. The worst weekly decline for the American indices since the 2008 financial crisis. And, the biggest single day decline for most markets as the bottom fell out of the market.

These concerns are over the impact to global growth from the shut down and restrictions in China. And the virus is just making its way to other countries like America, where they have reported their 6th death.

Investors should be looking to businesses that will be defensive and still have growth potential over the medium to long term. You don't want to be in companies that are dependent on getting stock out of China, nor companies in the travel and tourism industries. Cruise line companies have been hammered and so will airlines focused on areas where the most cases have been reported.
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4 shares to buy that should thrive as the Covid virus spreads
Local and foreign companies that will be defensive against further market declines should be ones that aid in communication between businesses and their employees (as employees start doing self-quarantines) and businesses and their clients and suppliers. This is because as Freddy Mercury sang, ‘The Show must go on’, businesses need to continue servicing their clients and supplying their clients.
Some of the shares we like are: 
Telkom: It has pulled back since we tipped it as a buy, but we see it as a good long-term opportunity. Communication companies should see a spike in revenue as people opt for less face to face contact. Buy below R28.00.
Naspers: It’s holding in Prosus gives it exposure to Tencent, which is benefiting from the mass of Chinese staying at home and playing video games. Sales should increase significantly for their online gaming business. Buy below R2500.00
Docu-Sign: With less face to face meetings, contracts still need to be signed and Docu-Sign authenticates the electronic signatures to ensure the signing is valid. Docu-Sign is a strong cash generative business with growing positive free-cash flows over the past three years. Investors can add Docu-Sign to their offshore portfolios below $90.00.
Netflix: Operates in 190 countries providing video streaming, which will keep individuals entertained as they remain at home and limit going out to avoid the virus. It’s slightly below its 2018 high but should see strong sales growth this quarter. The previous quarter saw revenue grow by 31%, it won’t reach profitability for a while as it still spends a lot of money generating content. Content generation is a sunken cost so as revenue increases, losses will reduce rapidly. We could see a breakout above the current resistance level. Buy below $385.00.
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Gavin McCarter,
Finova Capital, Wealth Manager

Vaccinate your portfolio from COVID-19 with these 4 shares
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