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“What exactly does FSPInvest do?”

by , 28 June 2016
“What exactly does FSPInvest do?”
“What exactly does FSPInvest do?”

When it comes to business, I believe in transparency. In the last week alone, at least three people have asked me, “What exactly does FSP Invest do?”

As the largest direct mail publisher in Africa, we take for granted that our readers know what we do. But since FSPInvest welcomes thousands of new readers every single month, it is important to remind you about the business and the products and services we offer to improve your life.

I want to make sure you understand exactly how our business works and how you can get the most out of it. So let's take a closer look so that you can get the best level of service by using the right channels available to you.

Whether you're new to FSPInvest or a long-term member, you should read this information because it will give you a better understanding of how our business works.

Let's start at the beginning…

What is Fleet Street Publications?

Fleet Street Publications South Africa is an investment, lifestyle and business publisher.
For the past sixteen years Fleet Street Publications has been dedicated to researching and sourcing life-changing ideas and information. Today we’re South Africa’s largest publisher of business, investment as well as health and lifestyle information.
Annabel Koffman is the Group Publisher of the business. She is passionate about researching and sharing ideas, information and opinions that help make you, our readers more independent, financially, physically and intellectually.
After 16 years, with Annabel at the helm, we have grown from strength to strength with over 220,000 readers and a wide variety of life-changing publications in every field of life.
FSP South Africa aims to provide publications that empower the reader and at the same time are easy to read, understand and action without the need to consult with high priced lawyers, brokers or consultants.” – Annabel Koffman, Group Publisher
Now that you know who Fleet Street Publications is, I’d like to show you how to get the most out of FSPInvest.
FSPInvest – Delivering powerful investment, trading and wealth building ideas
At FSPInvest, our team of international and local investment and wealth building experts publish books, reports, research papers and information packs.
We source our information from the best wealth builders in the world through our massive international network of investment professionals.
We’re in the information publishing business. We offer you a range of exceptional monthly publications like The South African Investor, Real Wealth and Red Hot Penny Shares. We charge you a small monthly fee to receive the information published on the pages of these publications.
We also research, write and publish investment, trading and wealth building books. Some of the most recent titles include, 94 Top Trading Tips of All Time, The Minimum Wage Millionaire and The Gold Report just to name a few.
For a full list of the books and reports we provide, visit www.fsp.co.za.
We never make promises we can’t keep and won’t sell information to you that will not deliver on its promises. We protect your personal information dearly and will never sell your names to third party advertisers.
Who should you contact for help if you are having trouble? 

The local and international team of investment experts that produce the information we sell, include:
·         Joshua Benton editor of The South African Investor and Real Wealth,
·         Francois Joubert editor of Red Hot Penny Shares
·         Timon Rossolimos head of the FSP Invests trading desk
They’re constantly doing research looking for the next best wealth building opportunities. They don’t deal with your subscription or product related queries themselves.
However, they are available to answer any of your investment related questions, on www.investorsclub.co.za where they guarantee to give you an answer.
Your satisfaction is our prime concern
If you’re having any difficulties with the delivery of our products and services call
0861 114 365.
We have a dedicated contact centre for FSP Invest.  If you have a question about any of the FSPInvest products listen to the voice prompt and press 1.
If you prefer to send us an email, you can write to us at investinfo@fsp.co.za.
I hope this clarifies what we do here at FSPInvest. We’re not scammers, we’re not out there to milk you for money, we simply want to build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you.
You see, we firmly believe that that if we can help you build your wealth, you’ll be more willing to stick with us for the long-term.
So, if you’re not getting the level of service you deserve, I encourage you to use the contact details above.
I trust this clarifies what FSPInvest does for you...
Let’s build your wealth together,
Aiden Sookdin
Editorial Contributor

“What exactly does FSPInvest do?”
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