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What to do with your money in an upside down world

by , 19 August 2020
What to do with your money in an upside down world
In the upside-down world we find ourselves in today, many clients and investors are looking for low risk investment opportunities that will provide significant upside potential over a few years.

While several opportunities have crossed my desk, none have really caught my eye until now.

This is an opportunity that provides 100% downside protection, with exposure to global companies plus a tax efficient structure.

The tax is taken care of in the product at 12%, and advisor fees are priced in the product, so it does not come from your returns and is capped at 3% over 5 years.

Sounds fantastic right, but it isn't the right product for everyone…

What’s all the Hullabaloo?
Conspiracy theories or not… this industry is going to explode!
5G. The most debated topic in the mainstream right now… (beside Covid-19)!
I don’t doubt you’ll have your views, and I’m not here to change them.
What I am here to tell you is this may just be the next greatest investment opportunity in our lifetimes….
If you missed investing in Microsoft, or Amazon, Or Facebook, you don’t want to miss this!

Is this product right for you?
This product is right for you if you are looking for:
1. A 5-year investment horizon
2. Provides 100% downside protection in Rands
3. Pays out an enhanced return of up to 4 times the index return
4. Gives you exposure to an index of global companies like Novatis, Merck, LÓreal, Danone, Colgate and many more
5. Looking for a tax efficient structure that takes away the administration burden
6. Can flow quickly to your beneficiaries
Due to disclosure requirements, I can’t name the product on a public forum, but feel free to send me a mail and I will send you additional information.
Mail me at trader@protrade.co.za or call 011 105 5510
Imagine this...
You jump online at 13:00 pm...
You click a few buttons to get into a trade.
And by the end of the week, you can pull down a quick 43.13% profit... or enough to turn a small R5,000 stake into a fast R7,150.
For pressing a few buttons, how good will that feel.
Well that’s what happened with Timon’s subscribers!
Recent Ideas Update… Longer term value opportunities
MTN rallies on good results and we’re up
Last week, I told you to stock up on MTN, and now MTN released a solid set of results that highlights Management and the board have taken the right steps.
A strong foundation to grow from has been set up and earnings over the next 12 months should be robust and grow steadily. This will see MTN push to our target price of R75 in the next twelve months. This is a longer-term opportunity for your portfolio.
Our other buys in EOH, BLU and DGH are still at below the entry levels suggested last week. We see these as good longer-term value plays for a portfolio.
Here’s the entry levels…
Buy Blue Label below R3
Buy EOH below R5.50
Buy Distell below R77.50
See you next week.
Gavin McCarter,
Contributing Editor, Money Morning
P.S. In case you missed it… Francois Joubert has released his TOP 5 value buys on the JSE, you can claim a copy of his new briefing here!

What to do with your money in an upside down world
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