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Why this JSE stock is on my “BUY” list!

by , 12 May 2022
Why this JSE stock is on my “BUY” list!
Uber is one of the most amazing success stories in recent history.

As I write this the company is worth $88 billion today. But it doesn't own any vehicles. And it doesn't pay salaries to employees.

In fact - the company is estimated to have between 3 and 4 million drivers around the world.

Yet the company doesn't have a fraction of the overheads a business with 3 million employees would have…

Simply put - it doesn't pay a cent, if its drivers don't work.

It doesn't have to pay annual or sick leave. It doesn't need a massive HR department, nor does it need to run a payroll.

Uber focusses on what it's good at. Supplying transport services to the public, and a business opportunity to taxi drivers.

A tiny JSE listed company adopted this business model during the recent pandemic related lockdowns.

It is a property development company. But it doesn’t have thousands of builders on its payroll. It doesn’t own a fleet of construction equipment that it needs to maintain. Yet it develops thousands of homes a year – on demand.

The higher demand is, the more homes it can build and sell, while if there’s a slowdown it can cut down construction to the bare bones – without sitting with retrenchment costs or high overheads!



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How Covid initiated a massive turnaround for this company
As South Africa was plunged into lockdown in 2020 Calgro M3 (JSE: CGR) was already struggling.

The company quickly realised that if it didn’t change its business model – it would go under.

So, that’s what it did. Outsourcing the physical construction function to contractors, and disposing of its rental property portfolio.

Like Uber – the business is now light on assets, and light on overheads.

And thanks to these changes in 2020 – profits are soaring right now.

You see…

Calgro M3 released a trading statement for its results ending February 2022.

The company expects earnings to come in around 104.87cps compared to a 15cps loss in the previous year.

It completed building 2,685 units during the year to achieve these results.

It currently has 4,583 units under construction, so 2022/2023 should be an even better year. It can nearly double its performance in the coming year.

Based on its latest earnings the stock trades at a PE ratio of only 3.81.

So, its share price could triple before it hits a double-digit price earnings ratio.

In terms of cashflow – the company generated R129 million in cash from operations for the year. That’s roughly a quarter of the company’s entire
market value.

It has a bank balance of R191 million, and sits with R400 million in undrawn facilities with the bank. That means there’s ample opportunity for it to grow from here. Building more units – given the demand for them means it can sell a lot more than in 2020 and 2021…



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What’s the upside?
Well – at a 104cps you’d expect a share price of around R10 – still putting the stock on a PE ratio of below 10.

What’s more – the current share price is 396.

So, the upside potential is easily 152% on the current share price.

The stock’s 5 year high was R18.50 – with May 2018 results reporting 90cps profits.

Today profits are more than 10% higher than back then – but instead of an R18 share price its sitting at less than R4…

To say there’s upside potential is an understatement…

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Why this JSE stock is on my “BUY” list!
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