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Why this precious metal deserves a place in your portfolio!

by , 29 July 2022
Why this precious metal deserves a place in your portfolio!
Practically everything we do requires this precious metal…

You wouldn't be able to drive…

Your phone, laptop and many other gadgets wouldn't work without it…

That's why it's been dubbed a “strategic metal”.

And as the world spends trillions on ushering in new technologies like 5G, clean energy, and precision medicine, the demand for this precious metal will skyrocket!

Just take a look…
I’m talking about…

Silver… Here’s why it has such a big role in our future:

#1: Renewable energy – As far back as 2010, solar photovoltaics consumed 40 million ounces of silver a year.

By 2018, that number had doubled to 80.5 million ounces.

By 2019, solar panels drove demand for an additional 100 million ounces of silver, according to researchers at CRU Group.

Today, solar power is just a fraction of any nation’s energy grid. But, as governments around the world are mandating construction of hundreds of millions of new solar panels, soaring silver demand from solar panels is a catalyst you cannot ignore.

#2: Electric Vehicles (EVs) – In 2018, the electric vehicle (EV) sector (including hybrid vehicles) consumed more than 4 million ounces of silver.

Today, the auto industry uses more than 13 times that, at 55 million ounces of silver annually.

The difference is electric vehicles. Electric cars actually use more silver than combustion engines, since their battery packs and battery management systems, as well as electric engines, require silver.

That’s why, by 2030, silver demand for EVs will double to over 100 million ounces!

#3: 5G – The electronic components of every 5G-capable device relies on silver to enable the global 5G platform to function seamlessly.

As The Silver Institute reports: “In a future 5G connected world, silver will be a necessary component in almost all aspects of this technology.”

With 5G still in its early days, 5G-related silver demand stands at around 7.5 million ounces a year.

But with the 5G rollout accelerating, the research firm Precious Metals Commodity Management forecasts silver’s role in the electronic applications used in 5G to jump 130% by 2025 (that’s 16 million ounces) from today’s levels.

And by 2030, silver’s application in 5G will rise another +40% to 23 million ounces per year.

A bold silver prediction…

In 2022, the silver price has fallen around 15%. But that’s also been the case for other precious metals.

A large part of this decline is simply because of the dollar boom.

But looking ahead, the demand for silver will ROCKET in the coming years.

And Keith Neumeyer, CEO of the multi-billion-dollar firm, First Majestic Silver, believes this could be the catalyst to send silver prices into the stratosphere.

I’m talking about a 5x price rally from today’s prices.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a bold prediction and may seem extremely optimistic…

But because of the importance of silver for future technologies, he could be proven right…

So, with silver prices back to their 2020 level, now might just be a good time to stock up on some.

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Why this precious metal deserves a place in your portfolio!
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