Important details for you about my new project

by , 21 September 2017
Important details for you about my new project
I'm writing to let you know about an exciting and radical new project that we've just launched here at South African investor.

It's like nothing you'll have ever seen or read before. In fact, as far as I'm aware, this is a unique project in South Africa.

If you don't know, I'm a bit of a ‘tech head'. OK, that's an understatement. I'm a major tech head.

Since I got my hands on an old Apple Mac computer as a youngster, the whole tech world has intrigued me.
Over the years, I’ve followed the ups and downs of technology — through the dot-com boom and bust, through the rise of ever more sophisticated consumer electronics, to 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars.
Each of those subjects (and more) has become an obsession for me. I live and breathe tech. But it’s not something I get to write about often until now that is.
You see South African Investor has given me access to some of the most successful professional investors and traders around the world, I’m talking about people like Bill Bonner, Addison Wiggin, Doug Casey, Porter Stansberry to name a few. 
But most recently, South African Investor’s global intelligence network introduced me to someone who is one of the foremost tech heads right now – I’m talking about an unassuming fellow called Sam Volkering.
Sam started investing in this particular technology way before any investment professional that I know of and I don’t know anyone else right now who knows as much about the subject as he does.  After all he’s been following it since 2009! So, it’s a real coup to be able to bring you details on his latest project.
You see, it’s one area of the tech world that trumps them all. It’s a subject that has gained a lot of media attention over the past few months. And yet, the more press coverage I see of the subject, the more I realise that so few people really appreciate the significance of this radical tech industry.
I’m talking about cryptocurrencies (cryptos). Of which Bitcoin is just one.
By the way, when I say Sam’s an experienced cryptocurrency guide, I’m not exaggerating.
Sam’s been researching the market for years. He’s on record as far back as 2013 backing cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin is not a fad. In fact, Sam went live on US television in 2014 to talk bitcoin. He was called an “idiot” for daring to anticipate that an entirely new asset class like cryptocurrencies could become a significant and profitable part of the financial system.
Who’s the idiot now?
Not Sam. And not anyone who followed Sam’s advice.
In fact, everything you need to know about cryptos. The industry, the technology, the opportunity, the risks… and of course, the extraordinary profit-potential for those who have the foresight to act now….
Is inside Sam Volkering’s brand new book which because of our global affiliation network he has generously agreed to share with South African Investors. It’s called “The Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Money.”
This brand-new project is different to everything we’ve ever launched before. It’s so different, that it took a while to convince my publisher, Annabel Koffman, that this was something we should share with our subscribers.
Especially when it’s available to you for FREE (save for a small R99.95 processing fee).
She was sceptical at first. In fairness, she had every right to be. But the more I explained how important cryptos would be to the world’s economy, the more she came to understand that not only should we share this knowledge with our readers, but that we MUST share it with our readers.
I’m so excited about this new project. I believe in it. And I believe in the potential opportunities it will highlight for readers. 
Many Thanks,
Josh Benton
South African Investor
P.S. What a lot of people are missing about the rise of cryptos is this: it’s as much about a crash as it is about an explosive new market.
You see, old financial technology – paper money – is experiencing a ‘crash moment’. For every new fortune an old one must die. And that’s what I believe is happening before our eyes.
Working with Sam, we are doing everything we can to make sure you have the chance to profit from this transition from old money to new.

Important details for you about my new project
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