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It's time to step out of the consumer army and choose to be happy…

by , 26 November 2013

One simple choice could bring you riches in life and wealth. Make sure you make the right choice today...

This past weekend, I got together for a braai with some old trading buddies.

Two of these guys in particular, Brian and David are very good traders and have been trading for more than 25 years each. But while Brian is really happy in life and seems to relish each and every day, David is a ball of stress.

In fact, while we were talking around the fire, David did nothing but complain about how exhausting trading was and how he was battling to make enough each month just to come out.

Now this was shocking to hear… You see, David earns on average around R400,000 a month.

So when he said he was battling to come out, it was clear he must be doing something very wrong.

That’s when Brian decided to step in and tell David some hard truths. He told him, “In this world, you can choose to be part of the consumer army or you can choose to be happy.”

And with that, Brian told David his key to growing richer in life and richer in wealth.

Here’s what he had to say…

There’s always someone who will out-rank you in the consumer army

The consumer army is the continual drive we see in our everyday lives to be better than those around us. The key is though, how do you measure who is better?

Well, for most people, money is a way to measure how good someone is. The more you have the better you must be.

But the problem comes in when you want to tell everyone how good you are…

That’s because, you can’t walk around with a label showing how much you’re worth. So instead, many people, like David, choose to have other labels to tell people how much they’re worth.

I’m talking about labels like a R280,000 U-boat watch… An R11,000 Ralf Lauren jersey…  A R42,000 Gucci Lap-top bag. These are all labels to tell the world how good you are.

But the R280,000 watch doesn’t tell the time any better than a R100 digital Casio that you can buy at your local super market. The R11,000 jersey doesn’t keep you any warmer than a regular jersey and the R42,000 Lap-top bag carries your lap-top just the same as any other.

So why pay all the extra money.

These labels are like the stars and stripes of rank in the army. The fancier your possessions, the higher your rank in the consumer army. And the higher your rank in the consumer army, the better you’ll feel about yourself. Or at least that’s what most people believe.

The thing is, there’s always someone who’ll out rank you in the consumer army. And the reality is most people are too busy living their lives and worrying about their rank to care about yours. So although all these labels might get you some recognition, the joy will be short lived.

That’s why you need to rather choose to be happy!

Brian told David, you need to stop trying to compete for rank in the consumer army. Rather focus on getting what you need and using the rest of your money to buy something most people believe you can’t buy. And that’s happiness.

By choosing not to spend your money on ridiculously overpriced labels that will be out of date next season; you can rather invest your money and make it work for you.

Keep doing this, and before you know it, you won’t feel stressed at work. You’ll work because you want to. And you’ll have the time to really enjoy the things that matter in life.

Looking at Brian, I believe he knows what he’s talking about.

He drives a luxury German car and lives in a palatial home in Bryanston. He has holiday homes dotted around the world. But when he comes over for a braai, he’ll arrive in a t-shirt and shorts, holding a six-pack, and no-one would have any idea of what he’s really worth. All anyone will say is, “That’s one of the happiest guys I’ve ever met.”

For 25 years, he’s been earning the same money from trading as David has. The difference is, while David’s been spending his money on buying labels, Brian’s put his money to work for him by investing in shares.

Today, Brian could buy and sell David’s net worth thirty times over. He plays golf three times a week and watches all his children’s sporting matches. He works because he wants to and rests easy knowing that he has tens of millions of rand to handle whatever life throws at him.

So take a lesson from Brian.

Cut down on buying labels and rather put your money to work for you. Simply follow Brian’s example and start investing in shares today.

Right now, the South African Investor has six top shares which you can buy to start your core portfolio. To learn more about these shares and how you can start investing your money to make it work for you, simply click here.

Until next time,

Here’s to staying ahead of the game.
Warren Jeffery

It's time to step out of the consumer army and choose to be happy…
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