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WARNING: You're about to miss the growth opportunity of a lifetime. The African Infrastructure Boom is here!

by , 26 November 2013

There is a 30 year-long infrastructure boom going on in Africa.

Billions of dollars are already pouring into dozens of expensive (and lucrative) infrastructure projects from all over the world.

You see, economic growth in Africa is really starting to take off.

And for it to do so, a lot of money needs to go into setting up the infrastructure to support business.

Currently, Africa only spends R461 billion on infrastructure each year. That's less than half of what it needs to spend to keep up with economic growth!

But that spending gap is closing quickly.

And I've discovered one company that's going to benefit massively from the boom.

And how you too can make a killing.

Mega Infrastructure projects in Africa mean mega spending too
There are already a number of massive infrastructure projects going on. 
As you’ll see, there is mega spending that accompanies each of these projects. 
And I’ve found a way for you to benefit from it… 
Let’s get a taste for those numbers. 
Mega Infrastructure Project#1: Inga 3 Hydroelectric Dam on the Congo River
South Africa and the DRC are currently cooperating on Africa's biggest electricity project. 
The new hydroelectric dam on the Congo River (Inga 3) will generate 39,000MW of electricity and will be the largest dam complex on Earth, ahead of the Three Gorges (22,500MW) in China. 
This project alone will cost upwards of R124 billion to build!
Mega Infrastructure Project#2: Ethiopia Djibouti Railway
The 656 km line will connect Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa with the tiny Red Sea state of Djibouti. 
According to KPMG, the project will cost R12.4 billion to finance.
And other big African cities are following suit. 
Mega Infrastructure Project#3: Lagos Metro Blue Line
Track and station infrastructure development is happening on a wide scale in Lagos, one of the world’s fastest growing cities. 
These are but a few of the projects going on. 
So you see, there really is money to make in Africa if you play in the right space… 
How to get your portion of R1.2 trillion
There’s one thing that all these projects have in common. 
You see, all of these are projects that will require grids to distribute electricity.
Grids which don’t exist yet…
And that means massive potential growth for companies that provide this kind of service to tap into. 
And that is not the whole story, either… 
In fact, annual spending on electricity development and other infrastructure in Africa needs to grow between R900 billion to R1.2 trillion to keep up with business. 
And the funds are already flowing in from all over the world.
Barack Obama pledged that the U.S. government would invest R71.7 billion to help bring 10,000 MW of electricity to sub-Saharan Africa over the next few years!
And this boom is set to continue… 
So what does this mean for you? 
Well, I’ve discovered one company that’s set to sink its teeth into a large portion of that profit. 
As one of the top providers of electricity infrastructure and construction services on the African continent, this company has its fingers in the right pies to take advantage of the massive growth to come. 
All the details of this great investment opportunity are in the latest issue of Resource and Scarcity Report. 
Sign up, or miss out. It’s that simple. 
Here’s to rooting out rewards!
Y’ael Shirley
Resource Economist, FSP Invest

WARNING: You're about to miss the growth opportunity of a lifetime. The African Infrastructure Boom is here!
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