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Cash in as Nigeria becomes Africa's next big investment hotspot

by , 04 January 2017
Cash in as Nigeria becomes Africa's next big investment hotspot
Forget South Africa, Nigeria is growing at such a fast rate, in fact, economists expect Nigeria to overtake SA and become Africa's biggest economy. Don't wait for that to happen before you invest in Nigeria. Here's a home-grown smart investment you can make today…

“Economists expect Nigeria, already the continent's most populous nation and largest oil producer, to overtake South Africa in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) over the next several years, technically making it Africa’s biggest economy,” writes the Mail & Guardian.

And it all comes down to population size.

In Nigeria, you have a population of 165 million, while South Africa is around 52 million, Bismarck Rewane, a respected economist and head of Lagos-based Financial Derivatives told the Mail & Guardian.

Why investing in food producers is the smartest way to profit from Nigeria’s growing population

The best way to invest in Nigeria’s growth is to invest in food producers that are feeding Nigeria’s bulging population, says investment expert Warren Jeffery in The South African Investor.

And that means investing in food producers like Tiger Brands.

Tiger Brands - the best way to capture this investment hotspots' potential

Over the past few years, Tiger Brands has been steadily building up its African position. But recently, it’s been faced with the challenge of accessing the most populous country in Africa: Nigeria.

After all, Nigeria is frequently associated with difficult operating conditions. But its population of 165 million presents one of Africa’s greatest opportunities for a consumer goods company.

That’s why Tiger Brands made the move to invest in Nigeria by buying up a controlling stake in leading Nigerian food producer, Dangote Flour Mills.

“The deal is Tiger Brands’ third and the biggest yet in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and second-largest economy which is seen as a growth area for consumer and food products,” reports Fin24.

Bottom line: By investing in this local food producer, you’re investing in Nigeria’s growth story without any of the risks normally associated with investing in Africa. Buy today and watch your investments soar as Nigeria become the ultimate African investment hotspot.

Cash in as Nigeria becomes Africa's next big investment hotspot
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